Thanks Colette. Grady is hoping to go back to Chikopi for 3 weeks next year. Thanks again for the great experience Grady had this summer. He absolutely loved his time there. 


Hello Colette and Bob: Thank you very much. We feel very gratified to know about Jorge´s performance at the camp. He really loves Chikopi. We feel that Chikopi has helped Jorge improve his values, and will help him in his future life. Also, we really enjoy to see the way he loves sports. Thank you very much for your time in doing this important task for so many boys and families. Hope to hear from you soon.

Pilar and Ramon

Thank you Colette and Bob. Ricardo is very happy with the experience of the Camp, and we will see if we can send him again next year. Best wishes as well and have our best regards.


Hi Colette and Bob, I had meant to write to thank you for looking after Calum so well while he was with you.  He had the best time at Chikopi, he says Chikopi is the "happiest place on earth".  New stories keep trickling out, and now his favourite way to chill out is to watch Chikopi videos on YouTube.  He has just about forgiven me for the bedrail. Thanks again and sorry for pestering you with my worrying at the time.


Dear Bob & Colette, Many thanks for your note, Santiago had a wonderful time at Chikopi and he's looking forward to attend again next summer as a CIT, so we'll see. Regards.


Colette: Thanks for your e-mail and follow up. Javier is doing well in high school and paramedic lessons. Javier really enjoyed the camp. We will try to send him again next year and look forward to receive your e-mail in October. Best wishes as well.


Thank you so much Colette, it was so nice seeing you again, and Andrew loved his experience. Chikopi is a special place because of all that you and Bob have poured into it over the years.


Thanks Colette, Andrew had a wonderful time, and we hope it works out again for next summer. Best regards.


Thank you Bob and Collete, Jesus had a wonderful time at Chikopi. We will be waiting gratefully for the 2018 enrollment package. Best regards to you and all of your family, God Bless.

Torre López Family

I'm an absolute lover and believer of camp and would like to help anyway I can. Thank you so much for all you did and continue to do for all the boys. Christopher needed Camp Chikopi in his life more than I can describe. Hope all is well your way.


Hi Colette and Bob, I want to thank you for the excellent camp that helps in their development socially and mentally.


Dear Colette, The boys are really happy and fullfilled with the activities at Chikopi. Thank you for all your efforts and hope to see you next year. Regards.


Dear Bob and Colette: Emilio is finally at home; he is safe and sound; and we are very happy to have him back. As always, he had a wonderful time at Chikopi, how can I ever thank you for the wonderful program you direct. It made Emilio realize tons of stuff he had no idea it even existed. Warm regards.


Dear Collette, I wanted to let you know that Santiago arrived safe. He was very happy as always at Chikopi. All the best to you and all the team.


Dear Bob and Colette, Alexander is home safe, happy, and healthy. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to you and all the amazing Staff for looking after the boys so well! Alexander had another 3 wonderful weeks and all well, we shall repeat next year! Hope you have a great remaining of the summer. Warmest wishes.

Mark, Anastasia, Alexander

A special Thank you to the whole family of Chikopi. My kids had a blast, and arrived well at Toronto airport. All send great, “Thank you thank you”. Till next year. Regards.


I want to thank you for the great summer Emilio had this year. Emilio came back saying he will be at Chikopi next year for a 4 week term. He sounds more mature and aware of what he did, his times, his accomplishments, and his capabilities. I asked him who his friends were at camp, and he responded me: “everyone at camp”. I will be checking the dates for next year registering, so I get him enrolled as soon as possible. I have no words to thank you and Bob for your warm and kind environment. Emilio enjoys a lot being up there. I hope next year we get to go up and take Emilio to camp, so we get to know each other in person, and I give you the big hug that I want to give you now in gratitude for taking such a good care of my son. Kind Regards.


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