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Camp Chikopi is situated in the picturesque Almaguin Highlands (in the Parry Sound area). We are an all-boys (and teens) camp with an emphasis on sports excellence. Chikopi is renowned around the world, with campers attending from many different countries. Year after year (and for generations), campers have been returning for another "summer of a lifetime”. Our staff, families, and alumni comprise a supportive network, all of whom are former Chikopi campers.

Camp Chikopi is about performance excellence. Our coaches are trained and qualified; training is intensive and personalized; and we often have visiting coaches (Olympic/National/High School level). Our programs are wide-ranging and varied – we offer it all – from basketball, tennis, and soccer - to sailing, swimming, and canoeing. Our campers strive for excellence in everything they do, and they work hard to focus on the physical, mental, and emotional qualities of their sport of choice.

At the very core, Camp Chikopi is still a traditional sports camp. Our training regimen is designed to improve and enhance the individual’s skills. Indeed, we offer over 24 different sports, where campers can choose a favorite, but will additionally participate in others. Chikopi programming inspires campers to improve their technical skills, while building their personal self-confidence. But importantly, we never forget that camp is also about having a great deal of fun.


The Water Sports Program at Camp Chikopi comprises small classes, with individual attention, and a focus on personal development. We underscore the fundamentals: skills development; practical drills; rules and principles; sports tactics/strategies.  And we offer our campers a chance to participate in sports they may have never experienced. Whatever the sport, Chikopi training stresses physical conditioning, mental preparation, and personal confidence.

Water Sports Summer Camp for Boys - Canada


Camp Chikopi offers a number of options for paddlers at all levels. Campers can opt for Pleasure Canoeing, Canoe Racing, and Overnight Tripping. We have an excellent fleet of canoes (and kayaks) and the surrounding geography encompasses the pristine Algonquin Park and the French River.


Kayaking at Camp Chikopi includes both pleasure and racing - with single-seat kayaks; double-seated; and four-seated. As with other sports instruction, we focus on fundamentals: equipment, paddling, and safety. Excellence comes with intensive practice and physical conditioning.


The Sailing Program at Camp Chikopi is built around Sunfish sailboats, which are personal-sized, beach-launched, sailboats with mast and sail. Camp Chikopi also hosts the annual Sunfish Sailing Regatta on our very own Ahmic Lake, giving campers a great, first experience of sailing competition.


From beginner to competitive, Camp Chikopi offers a wide range of instruction. Our class sizes are small, allowing coaches to provide individual attention where required. Non swimmers receive vital lessons on water safety.  Weak swimmers build water confidence and skills.  Competitive swimmers are offered the intensive training regimen.  There are also some intercamp competitions with our sister camp, Ak-O-Mak, and the Kempenfelt Open Water race in Barrie.

Working Hard, Playing Hard.

The Water Sports Program at Camp Chikopi is dedicated to skill development, enhancing endurance, and building physical strength. Like all of our programs, Chikopi training focuses on sports excellence. And we do everything in a camp environment that is safe, enjoyable, and fun.


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