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Camp Chikopi is on 400+ acres of wilderness in the Almaguin Highlands of Ontario, Canada. We are an overnight summer camp for boys aged 7-17 years, with a reputation for distinction in sports. Chikopi is known worldwide. For 101 years, campers from around the world have returned year after year for another "summer of a lifetime." Our counselors, staff, and volunteers make up a strong network, most of whom are former Chikopi campers.

Camp Chikopi is privileged to begin its 101st year as a traditional overnight sports camp. Our program is designed to improve and enhance a boy's skills in over 24 different sports. Your son may choose to focus on his favorite sport, but he will also participate and learn all the others. Our instructors are highly trained and qualified. We often have alumni coaches, Olympic, National, University, and High School visit camp and share their vast knowledge and expertise.  There is something for every boy to enjoy; our wide range of sports vary in skill and energy, from basketball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer - to sailing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing.

Our campers are boys who want to be outdoors, who enjoy learning and playing sports. They try their best in everything they do, and they work hard for their team. Chikopi programming guides campers to improve their technical skills while building their personal self-confidence. But more importantly, we never forget that camp is also about maximizing fun.



The Camp Chikopi's Water Sports Program focus is to hold small classes, individualized attention, with an emphasis on personal development. We concentrate on the fundamentals: skill development, practical drills, and rules of the sport.  A huge bonus is that we offer our campers an opportunity to participate in sports that are unique to Canada, many of the boys have never seen or experienced them. 

Water Sports Summer Camp for Boys - Canada


Swimming is the foundation on which Chikopi was built.  101 years ago, Matt Mann II opened Chikopi as a "swim camp."   Camp Chikopi offers a full range of instruction, from learn-to-swim to competitive swimmers. Our class sizes are small, allowing coaches to provide individual attention. Boys who are learning to swim boys receive lessons on water safety. Stronger swimmers build water confidence and skills. Competitive swimmers are offered an intensive training program.  Throughout the summer, there are multiple opportunities to earn swimming awards and accolades: Knoepfli Mile Swim, Ahmic Harbour Swim, The Mag Swim, and The Chikopi Mile.


Camp Chikopi offers several options for paddlers of all levels. We have over 40 cedar strip pleasure canoes, two War Canoes, C1 and C4 Racing canoes. Our prized possession is a 35 passenger Ark.  Boys go on canoe trips in pristine Algonquin Park and the French River.


Kayaking at Camp Chikopi includes both pleasure and racing.  We have a fleet of R5 River Runner Kayaks as well as K1 and K2 racing kayaks.  As with all of our sports, we focus on teaching the fundamentals: equipment, paddling, technique, and safety.


The Sailing Program at Camp Chikopi is built around Sunfish sailboats, which are personal-sized, beach-launched sailboats with mast and sail. The more experienced sailors are given access to the CL16's and Albacore sailboats. Camp Chikopi hosts an annual Sunfish Sailing Regatta on Ahmic Lake, giving campers an incredible first experience of sailing competition.


In addition to the competitive and instructional water activities, we also have a host of fun, relaxing opportunities to play in the water: waboba, paddleboards, surfboards, water volleyball, as well as just hanging out on the beach reading a book, swinging in a hammock or hanging out with your friends.

All Camp Chikopi's water activies are overseen by certified lifeguards


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