One of the Top Boys Summer Camps in Ontario

May 31 2018

If you want to send your son to one of the best summer camps in Ontario for boys, Camp Chikopi should be in your top 3 list. Established in 1920, Chikopi is a sports camp for boys ages 7 to 17. Located in Parry Sound, Ontario, we offer our campers an unforgettable summer experience.

Considered one of the best summer camps in Ontario for boys

Camp Chikopi was voted amongst the best summer camps in Ontario for boys. If your son wants a summer adventure, playing a variety of sports, with a diverse group of boys, then Camp Chikopi is the camp for him. Through sports, Chikopi builds character, friendships, and leadership skills.

Our Soccer Program:

Chikopi’s Soccer Program is hugely popular, it emphasizes player development and team participation. Personal coaching staff emphasizes the fundamental skills, the game tactics, and real-time scrimmages.

Our Canoeing Program:

Our Canoeing Program is renowned and legendary. We have dozens of cedar-strip canoes, and our program covers canoe tripping, pleasure canoeing, and canoe racing. It’s all about technique and safety.

The First Swim Camp:

Chikopi is known as the First “swim camp” in the world. Our competitive swim program focuses on all of the physical development aspects that encompass speed, agility, power, and endurance.

Our Triathlon Program:

The Triathlon Program is built on the philosophy of sports excellence. Here again, with a focus on personal development, we emphasize the true fundamentals - swimming, cycling, and running.

Water Sports:

At Camp Chikopi campers participate in water sports that may be completely new to them, examples are: kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and competitive canoeing. With small classes and individual attention, we focus on the sports skills; rules; tactics; and strategies.

Land Sports:

Chikopi has dozens of them to choose from. Our land sports allow campers to perfect skills and enhance self-assurance. Individual attention is guaranteed for every camper.

A unique boys’ camp in a safe and healthy environment

Maintaining our reputation as one of the best summer camps in Ontario for boys, Camp Chikopi provides a safe and healthy environment throughout the entire summer. Your son will discover his true passion in a wide range of sports, both competitive and non-competitive.

Chikopi is a one-of-a-kind camp experience where boys can develop their self-esteem, experience personal growth, and build lifelong friendships. Best of all, it’s done while engaging in the sports that they’re passionate about. It’s no wonder our boys return year after year.

Building leadership skills and personal independence

Overnight summer camp can have a tremendous positive influence on a boy. At Chikopi, our boys flourish in every aspect of their development - physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Overnight camp is about independence and belonging, each of which serves to build self-esteem and individuality. There’s really nothing quite like this environment at home or school.

At Chikopi we carefully schedule each day with a balance of structured time and free time. In this way, the boys can fully engage in their sports, enjoy their quiet time, and even chill out with their closest friends. As for the sports focus – our boys are building a strong foundation that includes physical health, teamwork, social skills, and sportsmanship. Needless to say, it all lasts a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a unique boys’ summer camp

Summer after summer, Camp Chikopi continues to be one of the best summer camps in Ontario for boys. This year, if you want a unique camp experience for your son, contact one of our camp specialists at 954-566-8235 (until 5th June) or 705-387-3811 (after 9th June) or by email at: or find out more about us and read camper testimonials on our website:


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