How to Determine if Your Son Is Ready for a Summer Sports Camp

Jun 29 2016

There are many summer activities that are available to your son, but the best activities are those that will help him prepare for his next academic year. One of the best options is to enroll your son in a summer sports camp, where he will be able to benefit from both personal and fitness development within a supportive community. A summer sports camp will improve your son’s fitness and personal aptitude through numerous activities, and provide him with lasting memories of bonding with both his fellow campers and the wilderness that Camp Chikopi is set in. Nonetheless, depending on his enthusiasm and ability to be independent, not all children are ready to be part of a residential summer sports camp. Let’s discuss how to know if your child is ready to participate in a summer sports camp.

The first criteria that you would use to determine whether your son is ready to join a summer sports camp is his comfort level being independent. For example, if your son is not comfortable sleeping over at his friend's place, then you may think a residential summer sports camp is not be the right choice for him, but, think again.  Camp Chikopi is a small, family run camp, we have a strong emphasis on family values, any camper who may need guiding through issues of homesickness will receive excellent assistance to facilitate a wonderful summer camp experience.  If your son is excited to explore and adjust to a new environment, it’s a great sign that he’s ready to go to his first summer sports camp!  We always pay extra attention to newcomers to ensure they are attended to and are comfortable with their new surroundings.

The next sign that your son is ready for a sports camp is if he’s open to exploring nature, meeting new friends, and playing outdoor sports. At Camp Chikopi, we offer a wide range of sports programs: soccer, canoeing, swimming, triathlon, baseball, water sports, and land sports. A summer sports camp is designed to amplify your son’s fitness by integrating numerous sports practices and team activities throughout each day. This means that your son must be ready to have fun, and participate with his peers on a team. This helps to cultivate lasting friendships and personal growth. If he enjoys nature, Camp Chikopi has some of the most beautiful acres to explore on guided hikes and bicycle rides. 

Camp Chikopi was founded in 1920 by University of Michigan and Olympic coach, Matt Mann II. Our camp focuses on building the personal character and fitness of a great group of boys; we are the oldest swimming camp in the world, and take pride in the joyful memories our campers take home with them. With proven and effective training techniques, our alumni were successful in various national, international, American and Canadian Olympic teams. We strongly believe that boys will learn many things from when they are surrounded by nature. Our staff takes the time to foster close relationships with their campers, and ensure they feel comfortable and excited about each coming day. If you need more information, feel free to email us at or call us at 954-566-8235 (Off Season) or at 705-387-3811 (Summer).


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