5 Reasons to Go to a Summer Sports Camp in Ontario

Nov 30 2017

While everyone has a different reason for going to summer camp, some camps are specialized, and the campers have special reasons for going there. Choosing a summer sports camp in Ontario is about having a passion for sports. For some, it might be about improving their skills. For others, it might be about developing athleticism. And for others, it could be about improving fitness. At Camp Chikopi, we have programs to fit everyone’s reasons.  Our focus is on excellence. Chikopi is an all-boys summer camp, renowned around the world, and certainly an excellent example of a quality summer sports camp in Ontario.

Getting better at your favourite sport

For boys who are passionate about a favourite sport, going to a summer sports camp in Ontario can make a big difference in improving, and even trying out a new sport. Camp Chikopi offers everything from soccer, to canoeing, to swimming, to triathlon. Beginner or advanced, the boys are encouraged to perfect skills, boost endurance, and build strength. Most importantly, everyone is encouraged to have fun doing what they love.

Exploring the beauty of northern Ontario

Located in the natural beauty surrounding Parry Sound, Camp Chikopi is fundamentally a boys’ sports camp. It’s very much focused on the outdoors and the local fresh water lake makes for a superb swimming program. The competitive swimming program at Chikopi is focused on the individual, while emphasizing the fundamentals – drills - starts - turns. Performance is enhanced with expert instruction and physical conditioning for the competitive swimmer. For non-competitive swimmers, we provide an outstanding swim program with a focus on stroke technique.

Making friends and developing social skills

With boys from all over the world, Camp Chikopi is a well-established summer sports camp in Ontario. But beyond the sports, every summer is an opportunity to make new friends, appreciate other cultures, and develop social skills. It’s an environment where boys will develop and grow as individuals. And being away at an overnight camp for the summer is a great way to nurture maturity, and self-sufficiency.

Developing more personal independence

With a staff of professionals, Camp Chikopi provides a “stepping stone” for boys to become more independent. Indeed, overnight summer camp is a social environment that helps launch personal independence, while developing individuality. The sports focus is also fundamental in personal development - participating in daily activities - engaging in team building - and creating a basis for personal excellence.

A healthy active lifestyle from a young age

Developing an active lifestyle from a young age is key to future good health and wellbeing. Without a doubt, the benefits of physical activity are well known to improve the quality of life significantly. By developing an active lifestyle in young boys we set the precedent for fitness to continue for a lifetime. For young boys, the benefits are boundless - good health, focus, self-discipline, and emotional strength. The best reward is that it transfers into a successful young men.

Every summer, boys arrive from all over the world for the Chikopi sports experience. Find  information about next summer by visiting the camp website at www.campchikopi.com or call the camp office at 954-566-8235.


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