One of the Best Boys Summer Camps in Canada

Jan 30 2018

Amongst the many camps across the country, Camp Chikopi has been voted one of the best boys summer camp in Canada. Chikopi attracts boys from all over the world, transforming their lives with a huge range of sports and traditional camp activities. As the best summer camp in Canada, boys of all ages come from the United States, Mexico, South America, and even Europe.

At Camp Chikopi, boys can engage in their favourite sport every single day of the summer. But they can also try out new sports activities, all supervised by highly skilled instructors and coaches. Chikopi is the ultimate outdoors experience – there’s no “technology” allowed at camp and no outside influences to get in the way. This is a positive and empowering summer experience.

A full day program at the premier boys summer camp in Canada

From morning to night, Camp Chikopi fills the day with sports activities that are challenging, exhilarating, and often competitive. Mornings begin with the “early-bird” program - a variety of exercises designed for that extra drive before breakfast with the gang.

At breakfast, like all other meals, the food is tasty and nutritious, with special allowances made for the boys who have special dietary requirements. Mornings are also allocated for regular cabin inspections, where personal space and hygiene are checked. Once completed, the athletic day can begin.

The morning sports schedule begins with the first of three 50-minute instructional classes – this is where every camper is assigned 3 sports, offering him an assortment of sports and activities that he rarely has the opportunity to experience at home. With simply dozens of sports options to choose from, Camp Chikopi has something for everyone, at every age and every skill level.

Different sport options and activities include:

Lunch Time – Tuck Shop – Mail Time

Camp Chikopi makes lunchtime very meaningful for every camper. For those boys who are away from home for the very first time, the social connection is vital, and of course, getting mail from home makes a big difference with personal morale and missing home. The food is flavorsome and nutritious, and camp staff makes every effort to cater to boys who have special needs, allergies, and restrictions.

12:40 pm    Hot lunch - announcements – mail call
1:30 pm      Five and Dime Tuck Shop – sweets, camp clothing, souvenirs
1:30 pm      Rest Hour- return to cabins for down time
2:30 pm      Team practice and skills improvement
3:40 pm      Team competition based on age/ability
4:40 pm      Electives – choose from beach and various sports

Evening activities at one of the best boys summer camp in Canada

Following a full day of activity, the evening program at Chikopi offers some fun and enjoyment with friends and acquaintances alike. This is special social time for friendship and bonding.

7:00 pm     Evening activity could be a “pick-up” game
8:30 pm     Bath followed by camp fire activity
9:30 pm     Snack and bedtime depending on age group

As one of the best summer camps in Canada, Camp Chikopi attracts boys of all nationalities from all over the world. It’s inclusive and non-denominational - a great way to spend the summer


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