Benefits of an Overnight Sports Camps in Ontario

Nov 17 2017

When Camp Chikopi alumni think back to their childhood, repeatedly, the strongest memorable moments they recall are their experiences at our overnight sports camp in Ontario. Interestingly, experts are now considering the developmental and social benefits for a boy attending an overnight camp; and if camp fires, camp spirit, chants, unity and paddling a canoe are not enough, your son will also disconnect from technology, reconnect his social skills, and also stay active throughout his summer, playing his favorite sports, being outdoors and engaging in team-building skills.

Why go to an Overnight Sports Camps in Ontario?

At Camp Chikopi we emphasize the value building blocks of a boy’s development and growing process are. That is why we strongly recommend parents consider the incredible skills a boy can learn at an overnight sports camp in Ontario. In fact, professionals in the child development field are now recognizing the tremendous significance of an overnight summer camp as a crucial tool to help boys develop and grow. For example, at an overnight summer camp boys flourish physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and of course, socially. This is because at an overnight sports camp, boys are constantly immersed in contributing, learning and belonging to a greater group, all of which are structural steps to building a strong self-esteem and sense of independence. Since boys at an overnight sports camp are a part of the camp environment for a consecutive set of nights, they instinctively develop confidence, knowledge and social skills that a day school or home environment are unable to provide. Furthermore, it’s important to understand the nature of an overnight sports camp like Chikopi.  It is not all go, go, go. We schedule time each day for the boys to have structured free time, enabling the boys to be outdoors but enjoy quiet time too, reading a book under a tree, taking a nap in their hammock, sitting on the porch building friendships, time to unwind is a part of our everyday program.   

The Importance of Staying Active from a Young Age

At Camp Chikopi, we pride ourselves on our mission to encourage boys to be active and healthy beyond their regular daily schedule during the school year. As an overnight sports camp in Ontario, we strive to incorporate fun camp activities with sports, in order to instill a strong set of skills in all of our campers. When boys play sports from a young age, they learn and create a strong foundation of healthy physical habits, self-discipline, team-work, social skills, and sportsmanship. All of which are later transparent in a boy’s life through improved mental health, and resilient core attributes of any successful young adult. For this reason, at Camp Chikopi we focus on enhancing your son’s overall skills while encouraging a safe, enjoyable, fit and active environment. The best part about Camp Chikopi; there is no pressure on the boys to be an expert or highly skilled, on the contrary, our program’s focus is to introduce a variety of sports so every boy can play and learn new stuff.  

Why Start Looking at Overnight Summer Camps Now?

As a parent you may be wondering, what is the rush in finding an overnight sports camp in Ontario so far away from summer?! Well, first thing’s first, the holiday season is just around the corner, a session at Camp Chikopi is an excellent holiday gift!  Secondly, you will be so busy the next 6 – 8 weeks the Earlybird discounts will have expired before you know it.  Thirdly, 2017 Camp Chikopi was full; your son does not want to miss out on the best summer adventure he will ever know.  For these reasons, at Camp Chikopi, we like to set a good example to all campers by planning ahead and being responsible. In fact, that is why most of our sessions are filled up fairly quickly.  Typically, returning Chikopi boys enroll early to take the best advantage of the discounted fees, they fill the majority of our bunks, thus leaving fewer bunks for newer campers, but new comers never have to worry about being outsiders, at Chikopi we pride ourselves on how welcoming the staff and returning campers are to all new campers. This year, be an early bird and don’t miss your chance to send your son to the best boys’ sports camp in Ontario!

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