Fun Summer Camp Activities That Your Boys Will Love

Nov 20 2018

When researching where your boys should spend their time next summer, it’s helpful to know the summer camp activities different camps offer to determine if they will fit the interests of your eager camp goer. Camp Chikopi is the world’s first all sports camp for boys. We specialize in offering activities that will not only enhance your child’s natural abilities, but will enhance the sports they would like to compete in at club or school levels in their near future. Below are our top 3 summer camp activities that your child will truly love to take part in all summer long!

Top 3 summer camp activities at Camp Chikopi


Camp Chikopi’s triathlons are a favourite activity among our campers every summer! At Chikopi we provide variety in our triathlons, there is the “Chikopi” Tri: swim-run-paddle and the traditional triathlon: swim-bike-run.  In 2015, we purchased a new pack of Specialized road bikes as we continue to build this program to replicate our underlying philosophy of “Tri” everything!  By making the most of the available practices and experienced coaching, each camper will improve his physical and mental strength to perform better on the course. We also make sure to spend ample time working on the transitions between each of the disciplines, as this will affect the overall race time finish. The goal is to build strength in each of the disciplines, work on speedy transitions, practice physical hydration and overall race management. We want to make sure that everyone who competes has fun, feels comfortable and strong enough to participate in all three legs of a triathlon - so when race time comes, they are confident and ready to win!


Since sports are our specialty, we pride ourselves on what we offer our campers every summer. Our soccer program in particular is focused on individual player growth within a team-like atmosphere. We focus on the fundamentals of soccer, game tactics, training drills and real time scrimmages. We have highly experienced coaches that will support your son’s personal needs and physical strength.  Campers are taught the technical aspects of training in soccer and the strategy and tactics of the game itself. They will master multiple game positions and improve on their ‘work hard/play hard mentality, harnessing our ‘Chikopi Spirit’, living together, playing together and pulling together!


Chikopi’s swimming platform is legendry, we are celebrated for being the First Swimming Camp in the World.  Swimming is known as one of our best summer camp activities. For the competitive swimmer, we focus on the competitive program with a large emphasis on individual development. We have a strong emphasis on drills, starts and turns, while improving each camper’s physical and mental conditioning. Some technical aspects we master with the competitive swimmers are breathing, turns, stroke technique, rotating, streamlining, control, and overall management of their race. We are just as proud of our non-competitive level program, where our goal is to have each of our campers improve in technique, breathing, speed, power and endurance all while practicing swim safety and basics. The most fun part about our swimming program is your son will swim in freshwater lake with the best of what our natural Ontario summer camp environment has to offer.

Choosing our top 3 fun summer camp activities was a challenge, as we have so many other daily activities and sports that your son will enjoy just as much! To learn more about them or to reserve a spot for your son at Camp Chikopi this coming summer please visit or call (954) 566-8235.


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