Preparing Your Child to be Away from Home

Mar 16 2016

Is this your child’s first summer away from home? Is he showing signs of being nervous? Are you? Homesickness and first-time sleep-away camp jitters, are common maladies at summer camp, however, at Camp Chikopi, we can provide you and your son some helpful tips that will make the transition from home to camp easier for everyone!

First and foremost, familiarize your son with Camp Chikopi.  Show him photos, videos and articles from our website.  This will help him visualize the camp and feel more comfortable about where he is going to be staying and the activities he will be participating in this summer.  This is one of the best ways to help make you and your child feel more confident going to a new camp. Even though Chikopi is only open during the summer months, our videos and photos capture the imagination of potential, current and future campers.

Talk about Chikopi with parents and campers who are returning to Chikopi this summer. It is a great way to introduce your son to a current camper and potential friend, this way he will know someone when he arrives at Chikopi.  Our alumni will also convey to your child about the amazing experiences he will have at Chikopi. Boys leave Camp Chikopi at the end of their summer with great memories and experiences, along with some of the best friends they will have for life. Sharing experiences and stories will not only help your child become excited about what is to come this summer, but it will also calm his nerves about being away from home for the first time.

Another powerful technique is to reassure your child that many other first time campers have pre camp jitters too. It is common for a child to think that he is the only one who has worries or concerns about going to camp for the first time - but that is not the case. Communicating this to your child will be very beneficial, especially on the journey to Chikopi. Reassure him that it is okay to voice his fears to his counselors and the directors, we are there to help, he is neither the first camper nor the last to be nervous about being at camp for the first time. At Camp Chikopi, our camp community is tight and extremely friendly. There are no issues too big or too small for us to help your child overcome this summer.

Finally, let your child know that going to Chikopi will be an amazing experience. There are so many benefits to going to sleep-away camp, especially at a young age. For example, it will help him grow and mature. It will teach him coping skills and how to become more independent. It will help him make friends for life, and memories that will last a lifetime. Camp Chikopi will also help your son excel in specific sports skills, as well as develop new ones.

If your son has pre-camp jitters about going to Chikopi for the first time, or even if he is nervous about returning, let him know he is not alone. We are here to help him settle comfortably into Chikopi.  We are so excited for this summer to begin and we cannot wait to greet new and returning faces to Camp Chikopi! If you would like to learn more information about our camp, please visit our website,, or call our winter office, 954-566-8235. 


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