• 72% Return Rate in 2019!
  • 14 countries, 8 U.S. States, and 4 Canadian Provinces Omega Replique Montre represented in 2019 (Nine primary languages spoken by campers).
  • Learn more about being an international camper at camp.
  • Cabin-living, 10-12 campers and 2-3 counsellors per cabin. 
  • Cabins assignments are based on age.
  • Homemade, nutritious, tasty, and plentiful food, meals served family-style.
  • Chikopi 101st Anniversay in 2021!
  • Chikopi and sister camp, Ak-0-Mak, are located 1.5 miles apart by water, 7 miles by land.


  1. From where do you hire/recruit staff?

    Chikopi has a diverse staff, as a way to continue our century of traditions, the majority of our staff attended Chikopi as campers.  Each staff member and volunteer receives a thorough screening before arriving at Chikopi. Personal and work references are checked, interviews performed and background checks obtained. 

  2. What are your camper to staff ratios?

    Chikopi is one of the last overnight summer camps that maintains a 3:1 ratio. Continuous supervision ensures the boys make safe choices at all times. We have certified lifeguards on duty during all aquatic activities. Certified First Aiders accompany every trip off camp, for example when we go road biking.

  3. What is your program like?

    Our program goal is to promote healthy lifestyle choices.  Achieve real life benefits like leadership development, know what it feels like to be a part of a community, build self-esteem, develop the skills to make true friends, and know what it means to respect others.

  4. What happens when it rains?

    Chikopi is fortunate to have several large activity buildings: Barn, PJ Game Room, Library, PlayHouse and MainHouse where we participate in a variety of activities to keep everyone happy on rainy days, such as volleyball, badminton, wrestling, fitness, yoga, tae-bo, board games, books, card games, ping pong, and fooseball. Additionally, when it is too hot to be outdoors, these building offer excellent shade from the sun.

  5. Will my son be in the same cabin as his best friend?

    Our Camp policy is that as long as both families make the request and the boys are within 12 – 18 months in age, there is no problem. However, the older camper will have to age down to the younger cabin if necessary. So before making cabin requests, it is important for the parents to check with each other first. If the answer is yes, then both parents need to ask their son if they want to be in the same cabin. This is a very difficult choice for many parents who want their child to be with someone they know and, at the same time, learn to make new friends. A helpful reminder, we are a small camp, everyone knows each other within days, our actvities provide ample opportunities for friends or brothers to be together, and we socialize on the porch before every meal.


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