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In 2023, we proudly achieved a remarkable 69% return rate, a testament to the unforgettable experiences and lasting friendships campers find at Chikopi. We welcomed campers from an impressive array of backgrounds, with representation from 10 countries, 8 U.S. states, and 6 Canadian provinces. In our diverse community, campers converse in five primary languages, making every day at Chikopi a unique cultural exchange.

Our campers enjoy the cozy camaraderie of cabin-living, with 10-12 campers and 2-3 counselors per cabin. Cabin assignments are thoughtfully based on age, ensuring a harmonious and supportive environment for all.

Dining at Chikopi is a true delight. Our meals are not only homemade but also nutritious, delicious, and served family-style, fostering a sense of togetherness that enriches the camp experience.

In 2024, we eagerly anticipate celebrating Chikopi's 104th Anniversary, a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence in camping and youth development.

At Camp Chikopi, our dedication to global diversity and camper satisfaction remains unwavering. We invite you to join our international camper community and become a part of the Chikopi legacy.

Discover the world of Chikopi, where adventure, friendship, and personal growth know no boundaries.


  1. From where do you hire/recruit staff?

    At Chikopi, our team is a true reflection of our rich traditions and values. To uphold a century of cherished practices, we take pride in the fact that a significant portion of our staff members once walked in the very same shoes as our campers. They have experienced Chikopi's magic firsthand and are deeply committed to preserving the spirit of our camp.

    To ensure the safety and well-being of every camper, we maintain a rigorous screening process for all staff members and volunteers. This process includes thorough checks of personal and work references, in-depth interviews, and comprehensive background checks. Our goal is to assemble a dedicated and trustworthy team that can carry on the Chikopi legacy while creating a safe and nurturing environment for all campers.

  2. What are your camper to staff ratios?

    Chikopi takes pride in upholding a remarkable tradition in the world of overnight summer camps by maintaining a remarkable 3:1 camper-to-staff ratio. This commitment to a low ratio means that your child will benefit from continuous supervision, ensuring their safety and guidance during every step of their camp journey.

    We prioritize safety above all else, especially during aquatic activities, where certified lifeguards are present at all times. This ensures that every swim, dive, and watersport is conducted with the highest level of care and expertise.

    For off-camp excursions, such as our exhilarating road biking adventures, we take no chances. Certified First Aiders are always part of the team. This means that no matter where the boys go or what activities they embark on, there's always a safety net in place, giving both campers and parents peace of mind. Your child's well-being and safety are our top priorities at Chikopi, and our commitment to supervision and certified personnel reflects that dedication.

  3. What is your program like?

    At Chikopi, our program is not just about having fun; it's a platform for promoting healthy lifestyle choices that yield tangible, real-life benefits. We believe in the power of a well-rounded camp experience, where campers not only enjoy exciting activities but also grow and develop in multiple ways.

    Our overarching goal is to nurture young leaders, allowing them to discover their potential and take on roles of responsibility within the camp community. Through this, they learn what it truly means to be part of a thriving and supportive community, where they contribute to the collective spirit and well-being of their peers.

    Moreover, our program is designed to boost self-esteem, instilling a strong sense of confidence in each camper. We believe in equipping our campers with the skills needed to forge genuine friendships, fostering connections that last a lifetime.

    Respect is a core value we impart, teaching campers to honor and appreciate the differences in others. Through our program, campers not only hear about respect but actively experience and practice it.

    Ultimately, our program goes beyond the surface, aiming to enrich campers' lives with lessons and experiences that stay with them long after their time at Chikopi. We're dedicated to instilling these values, fostering personal growth, and preparing campers for a bright and promising future.

  4. What happens when it rains?

    Camp Chikopi is truly fortunate to have a selection of spacious activity buildings, including the Barn, PJ Game Room, Library, and Main House. These versatile spaces come to the rescue on rainy days, ensuring that our campers stay happy and active.

    During inclement weather, we offer a diverse range of activities to keep everyone engaged. From exciting games like indoor volleyball and badminton to fitness sessions, yoga, and high-energy tae-bo workouts, there's something for everyone. For those seeking a quieter escape, our library is stocked with a variety of books, and we have a selection of board games and card games for hours of fun. If friendly competition is more your style, we've got ping pong and foosball tables ready for action.

    Moreover, our activity buildings provide a comfortable respite from the sun when the weather gets too hot. They offer excellent shade and ensure that campers can continue having a great time even in challenging weather conditions. Camp Chikopi is all about keeping our campers active, engaged, and comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

  5. Will my son be in the same cabin as his best friend?

    At Chikopi, we've established a cabin assignment policy that prioritizes the comfort and preferences of both campers and their families. As long as both families mutually request it and the boys fall within the age range of 12 to 18 months apart, we aim to accommodate these requests. However, in cases where the age gap requires it, the older camper may be assigned to the younger cabin.

    Before making cabin requests, we kindly request that parents communicate with each other. This collaborative approach ensures that both parties are in agreement regarding cabin assignments. Once it's confirmed that both families are on the same page, the next step is to involve the campers themselves in the decision-making process. It's a significant choice that many parents face, as they want their child to be with a familiar face while also fostering the opportunity to make new friends.

    It's important to note that, at Chikopi, our close-knit community ensures that campers quickly become acquainted with one another. Our wide range of activities provides ample opportunities for campers to build friendships and connections. Additionally, the informal gatherings on the porch before every meal create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it easy for everyone to socialize.

    We understand the importance of balancing the comfort of familiarity with the excitement of forming new bonds. Rest assured that, within our small camp, a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship flourishes, offering the best of both worlds for our campers and their families.

  6. Does my son pick his activities?

    Our approach is simple yet effective: we believe in making the most of every moment. That's why the majority of a camper's day is carefully planned out, ensuring he receives the utmost benefit from his time at Chikopi. By providing a diverse array of sports activities, we expose each camper to as many athletic experiences as possible during their time at Chikopi.

    We recognize that a proactive approach is key. By offering a wide variety of sports, we not only capture the campers' interest but also expand their horizons. Through this exposure, they can discover new passions, hone their skills, and most importantly, stay active and engaged. Our goal is to create an environment where every young camper is inspired to try something new, challenge themselves, and experience the joy of participating in various sports. At Chikopi, we believe that these experiences are not just recreational but also instrumental in shaping character, building confidence, and fostering a lifelong love for physical activity.


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