The Benefits of Competitive Soccer at Summer Camp

Nov 16 2018

By: A soccer mom of 3 boys

There are so many benefits of sending your competitive soccer son(s) to a sports camp where soccer is played competitively but also has a wide variety of other sports and activities for them to enjoy. 

Below are my TOP 5:

#1 A true summer adventure

Boys thrive through exploring and being super active, which is why a true summer adventure is right for them. What could be better than heading off to sleep away camp, where they can hang out with boys their own age and play the sport they love, soccer, more than anything?

#2 Improves their soccer and other sports skills

One of the main goals of a soccer camp is to greatly improve the skills of its participants. Campers who attend Camp Chikopi will receive instructions not only in soccer but on a wide variety of sports from some of the best coaches in Canada, many of whom have worked at the greatest level of their athletic career. However long your son may attend Camp Chikopi, it is certain he will return home a much better team player, fit and ready for the fall season.

#3 Make long lasting friendships

To this day, my summer camp friends are still my best friends.  Being away for 2 weeks or for the whole summer enhances a whole new world of team spirit and friendships that can last a lifetime. Sports camps, especially the ones who offer competitive soccer like Camp Chikopi, appeal to boys from all over the world.  Campers share a cabin and make friends with boys their own age, but while they spend the whole camp day playing, training, eating and socializing they build friendships with older and younger campers too.  This mixed peer environment builds long lasting friendships beyond the camp experience. Sending boys to Camp Chikopi will give them the tools they need to develop human friendships.

#4 Your son will become a responsible, confident young man

Being away from home during the summer allows boys to feel more grown up and independent, this will give him a responsible attitude during his experience at camp. With a busy daily routine, he will learn the importance of time management and self-discipline. During soccer and other sports classes, campers are taught not only how to play the sport but are also coached on the importance of great values, teamwork and proper sportsmanship. When all of this is combined, your son will develop more responsibility and the confidence to take on whatever obstacles he may face back home in school, his club team, or in his neighborhood to stay focused on his overall personal goals.

#5 Instills the value of health and wellbeing

Playing, training and competing at a sports camp is one of the most effective ways for your son to learn the significance of why he should stay fit and healthy. The menu at Camp Chikopi is designed to provide a healthy and balanced diet that your young athlete requires. Our coaches and counselors are excellent role models.  They lead by example and speak about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise regime. The right diet and activity will improve his athletic performance, build his immune system and prevent and or aid in recovery from an injury.  This really is the best lesson(s) your son can take home with him from camp and practice later in his daily routine.

As a mom of three active boys under 12, I know the true benefits of sending my boys to a soccer summer sports camp. My strongest recommendation is to check out Camp Chikopi for your son this summer, as they are ranked in the top 7 sports camps in Ontario. Call 954-566-8235 to register or click here for more information /contact


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