A Summer Sports Camp In Nature – The Ideal Experience For Boys

Jan 19 2017

By any reasoning, spending more time outdoors is an ideal setting for boys of all ages. Unfortunately, many boys today have become "nature-deprived", a term that many psychologists have adopted, it refers to the phrase coined by Richard Louv in his 2005 book, Last Child in the Woods, that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems.  Hanging out in a concrete jungle is not a setting that does much for the health and wellbeing of any child. But there is a remedy – quite simply to get outdoors, and connect with nature more frequently.

These days, it’s not surprising that our once strong relationship with nature has been slowly dwindling. Across the globe families have busy schedules, home and office, care giving, and car-pooling the kids all over town. And for so many boys, electronic devices have come to be their central focus. Fortunately, a growing proportion of parents are placing more and more importance on unplugging and getting outdoors to experience nature.

Throughout the school calendar year, many parents are encouraging their kids to participate in outdoor activities and get involved in all types of sports. In the summer, a sports camp, surrounded by wilderness is an ideal opportunity for boys of all ages. Camp Chikopi offers a multitude of outdoor activities, a wide choice of performance sports, and a setting that guarantees an uninterrupted connection to nature.

A wilderness sports camp, like Camp Chikopi, provides boys with benefits that are both physical and psychological. And connecting with nature is an added bonus to any camp experience. Camp Chikopi covers it all – with an emphasis on the natural environment; a focus on the surrounding wilderness and the outdoors; and a complete break from electronic devices. Nothing could be better for growing impressionable boys.

Nature and the outdoors are a superb alternative to the smartphones, tablets, and video games that surround us today. More to the point, a meaningful connection with nature offers much more than any electronic device can. At Camp Chikopi, boys are exposed to raw wilderness, where camp staff cultivate an appreciation for nature, whether it’s the local fauna, the native animals or the clear sky proudly displaying the Milky Way.

At Camp Chikopi sports camp, there’s so much on offer. All of the sports are outdoor sports, with challenges that are exhilarating for any boy. From canoe trips, to triathlon, to swimming, boys can develop their skills and their confidence level, and often surpass their personal goals. Whether on land or in the water, summer sports are sure to foster significant physical and emotional growth.

A good summer camp will offer the best of all worlds to their campers - a great camp experience; a wide range of specialized sports; and a natural environment that will stimulate the senses. Best of all, every boy will come home with long lasting memories and newly established friendships – it’s a life experience that many campers carry with them into their adult lives. 


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