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Facilities at Camp Chikopi are designed to provide our campers with a comfortable and well-rounded environment for their summer adventure. Here's a closer look at the amenities we offer:

Cabins: Campers are accommodated in 12-14 man wood cabins, thoughtfully assigned by age. Each cabin is overseen by 2 or 3 counselors, ensuring a safe and supportive living space.

Washrooms: Our washroom facilities boast modern amenities, including flushing toilets and a consistent supply of fresh running water.

Dining: Nutritious, home-cooked meals are prepared with care in our modern kitchen. Campers enjoy these delicious dishes family-style in our historical MainHouse.

Dietary Accommodations: Camp Chikopi is a nut-free facility, and we take dietary needs seriously. We can accommodate a wide range of food issues and allergies, ensuring that all campers enjoy their meals safely and comfortably.

Camp Setting: Nestled on the serene banks of Ahmic Lake, the Camp Chikopi campus is enveloped by lush forests, creating a picturesque and tranquil environment.

Recreation Facilities: Our extensive facilities include 2 spacious grass playing fields, 3 beautiful beaches, a soccer field, 3 tennis courts, basketball courts, beach volleyball, a golf driving range, multiple biking and hiking trails, a softball diamond, an indoor weight room, and indoor spaces for badminton, volleyball, and weightlifting.

Swimming Pool: We boast a 50-meter bulkhead in-lake swimming pool, providing campers with the perfect spot to enjoy the water and improve their swimming skills.

Water Activities: Camp Chikopi offers an impressive fleet of boats for campers to choose from, including cedar strip canoes, sunfish sailboats, and flatwater kayaks. Our waterfront adventures are a highlight of the camp experience.

Additional Activities: The camp also features an archery range, bocce ball courts, and tetherball poles that are always in demand among our campers.

Library and Game Room: Our well-stocked Library and Game Room offers an extensive collection of books and various board and table games, providing campers with a quiet space to unwind and enjoy leisure activities.

Laundry: We provide on-site laundry facilities, ensuring that campers can keep their belongings clean and fresh throughout their stay.

Health and Safety: Camp Chikopi takes the health and safety of our campers very seriously. Our facilities, water, and services undergo thorough inspections by government health officials each summer, meeting and exceeding all required standards.

We have designed Camp Chikopi's facilities to offer a nurturing and exciting environment, where campers can explore, learn, and make memories that last a lifetime.



Chikopi takes pride in upholding a remarkable tradition in the world of overnight summer camps by maintaining a remarkable 3:1 camper-to-staff ratio. This commitment to a low ratio means that your child will benefit from continuous supervision, ensuring their safety and guidance during every step of their camp journey.

We prioritize safety above all else, especially during aquatic activities, where certified lifeguards are present at all times. This ensures that every swim, dive, and watersport is conducted with the highest level of care and expertise.

For off-camp excursions, such as our exhilarating road biking adventures, we take no chances. Certified First Aiders are always part of the team. This means that no matter where the boys go or what activities they embark on, there's always a safety net in place, giving both campers and parents peace of mind. Your child's well-being and safety are our top priorities at Chikopi, and our commitment to supervision and certified personnel reflects that dedication.


Medical Care

At Camp Chikopi, the well-being and safety of each camper are paramount to our dedicated staff. We maintain a vigilant and attentive approach to personal health and safety, with continuous monitoring as a daily practice.

Health Records: To ensure that every camper's health needs are met, we maintain individual health files for each participant. These records provide our staff with crucial insights into a camper's medical history, allergies, and any specific health considerations.

Medical Support: Our staff members are extensively trained in first aid and CPR, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to a wide range of health situations. Their readiness and expertise provide a reassuring layer of support for our campers.

Qualified Doctor Access: In the event of a serious health concern or emergency, a qualified doctor is fully accessible. Our close connection with medical professionals ensures that your child will receive the care they need without delay.

Hospital Facilities: While we do our utmost to keep campers safe and well, it's reassuring to know that hospital facilities are easily accessible, just a short drive away from the camp. This ensures that any situation requiring hospital care can be swiftly and effectively managed.

At Camp Chikopi, we understand the importance of a comprehensive and responsive medical care system. Our commitment to ensuring that each camper is safe, healthy, and well-cared for is unwavering, providing parents with peace of mind and campers with a secure and nurturing environment to enjoy their summer experience.


Religious Life

Camp Chikopi takes a non-denominational approach to religious life, welcoming campers from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. While we do not adhere to any specific religious doctrine, we value the importance of character and personal development.  On Sundays, we come together for a morning vesper where we focus on essential values that go beyond any specific religious denomination. During this time, we emphasize the significance of good citizenship, morality, honesty, character, loyalty, and friendship.

At Camp Chikopi, our aim is to foster a sense of shared values and ethics, promoting a supportive and inclusive environment where campers can grow and learn from one another. Our approach to religious life aligns with our commitment to building strong character and nurturing positive life principles.


Global Representation

What sets Chikopi apart is its international flavor. Each summer, we proudly welcome campers from over a dozen countries. With a remarkable 65-75% return rate, we have become a second home to many.  Chikopi's international character provides an exceptional opportunity for boys to be fully immersed in a rich tapestry of cultures. Within our camp's boundaries, you'll find an array of nationalities, languages, and customs. It's an invaluable experience that broadens horizons, promotes understanding, and fosters lifelong friendships.



Camp Chikopi is a cherished family-run camp, known for its strong sense of community. Our size allows us to provide personalized attention to every camper. With a cap of 70 campers, we maintain an close and tight-knit environment where everyone knows each other by name.  To join the Chikopi family, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend early applications to secure a spot for your child and ensure they don't miss out on the unique Chikopi experience. Our camp's small size and international charm make it a truly exceptional place to spend a summer.



At Camp Chikopi, we are dedicated to providing parents and guardians with a clear and straightforward understanding of camp costs to ensure a smooth enrollment process.

Session Fees: The cost of each Camp Chikopi session is shown on the enrollment form. This transparent approach allows you to quickly assess the fees associated with your child's camp experience.

Government Taxes: Please note that, as per tax regulations, a 13% government tax is added to the session fee.

Tuck Shop Account: We take the financial aspect seriously, and to make it hassle-free for parents, a comprehensive, itemized account of the pre-paid Tuck Shop expenses, which covers any potential refunds or balances due, will be emailed to you during mid to late September. This ensures complete transparency regarding your camp-related expenses.

Medical Insurance: Campers who are not residents of Ontario will incur a nominal fee for medical insurance. This fee is in place to ensure prompt attention in the event of a medical situation. Additionally, your camp fee includes essential items such as sheets, blankets, towels, and a life jacket, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Flexible Payment Plans: We understand that every family's financial situation is unique. To accommodate diverse needs, we offer various payment plans that provide flexibility, making it easier for families to manage camp expenses according to their preferences. If you require a customized payment plan, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office for a personalized discussion.

Discount Details and Payment Terms

We want to make sure you're fully informed about our discount policies and payment terms at Camp Chikopi. Here's what you need to know:

Discounts on Enrollment Form: You can find information about any available discounts directly on the enrollment form. This transparency ensures that you have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

Payment in Full for Discount: To qualify for these discounts, it's essential that the full invoice is paid in its entirety by the expiry date specified. This condition ensures that you can enjoy the benefit of the discount.

Non-Negotiable Expiry Date: Please be aware that the expiry date mentioned is non-negotiable. Meeting this deadline is crucial to secure the offered discount. We encourage timely payment to benefit from these discounts and ensure a smooth and enjoyable camp journey.


Getting to Camp Chikopi:  Your Travel Options

At Camp Chikopi, we understand that making travel arrangements for your camper should be as convenient as possible. To accommodate your needs, we offer three flexible options for arrival and departure to camp:

1. Airport Transport: Transportation is available from and to Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). This option ensures a seamless transition for campers arriving by air.  Please read the transport information sheet for detailed information on times of arrival and departure.

2. Four Points by Sheraton: Campers can also choose transportation from and to The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Lobby. This hotel location provides a central meeting point for families and campers.

3. Direct Drive: For families who prefer to drive directly to Camp Chikopi, we are approximately a 3½ hour drive north from Toronto. This option offers the flexibility of making your way to camp at your own pace.

We believe in offering these choices to ensure that your camper's journey to Camp Chikopi is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are here to support you in finding the best travel option that fits your family's needs and preferences.


At Camp Chikopi, we place a strong emphasis on open communication and transparency. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to confidently plan for your child's summer adventure. We are committed to making the enrollment process as straightforward as possible, allowing you to focus on the excitement and preparations for your child's memorable camp experience.


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