Why You Should Consider Camp Chikopi - A Summer Sports Camp

Feb 19 2020

Sailing regatta at Camp ChikopiAttending an overnight summer sports camp can be one of the most rewarding and defining features of childhood. Attending Camp Chikopi offers more than just friendship, fun, and fresh air for boys aged 7-17 - it also provides your son the opportunity to develop essential life skills and enjoy experiences that are outside of his day to day routine. With our focus on sports, Camp Chikopi strengthens both physical and mental muscles that empower our campers to go on to be reliable, successful adults.

At Camp Chikopi, we see six significant benefits that our campers experience during their attendance:

1. Life Skills

At Chikopi, boys develop life skills that they carry through to adulthood. While school and after-care programs do a lot towards teaching our sons how to do sums or conjugate verbs, the life skills they learn at Chikopi are unique. Communication, team-work, collaboration, leadership, socialization, and problem solving are some of the critical life skills achieved when your son spends a summer at Camp Chikopi.

2. A Focus on the Whole Boy

Camp Chikopi isn't just about learning how to throw a better pitch or score a winning goal - it provides a safe learning environment for complete mental, physical, and social growth through introducing new activities, building self-esteem, and social skills.

3. Time to Unplug

It's increasingly challenging to compel boys to unplug from the digital universe. Kids today spend approximately 7.5 hours a day engaged with technology, hours where boys might otherwise be learning other life skills. At Camp Chikopi, the focus is firmly on the 'real world' experiences.

4. Self Reinvention

Boys spend years, sometimes decades with the same peers. This familiarity can lead to unwanted labels or branding, which can leave a boy feeling stuck in a particular role. Camp allows boys to reinvent themselves with a new group of peers and break away from stereotypical characters, opening up opportunities for them to discover unique attributes of themselves.

5. Play!

Between school, extracurriculars, and homework, today's boys do not have enough time to go outside and simply play. Contrary to the belief that play is 'useless' or 'wasted' time, at Chikopi, we believe that play is a critical part of your son's development. Researchers have produced concrete evidence that shows play is essential for helping boys develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills, as well as managing stress.

6. Independence

Attending a residential camp allows boys to explore independence in a safe and structured environment. They have to rely more on themselves and their problem-solving skills, leading to a greater feeling of confidence and self-possession.

Join us at Camp Chikopi!

If you intend to send your son to a summer sports camp this year, consider joining us at Camp Chikopi. Our focus on improving skills, boosting fitness, and, most importantly, having fun, gives boys an endless summer of excitement, learning, and personal growth. This year, we are celebrating our 100th Anniversary. Our Summer 2021 sessions include 100th celebratory special events and festivities. Chikopi is on the shores of Ahmic Lake. A quiet, freshwater lake that offers boys the opportunity to try many new water-based sports that those who live in busy cities do not always have access to, such as open water swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing.

For more information on our 2021 dates, available sessions, pricing, and life at Camp Chikopi, explore our website – www.campchikopi.com or send us an email at campchikopi@aol.com.



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