How a Summer Sports Camp Makes Your Son More Independent

Aug 24 2016

There are many different things you can do to help your son become more independent. He can walk home from school by himself or with some buddies, he can babysit a younger sibling, or, he can go to an overnight camp for the summer. Introducing small steps to independence into your son’s life while he is growing up will help make him feel and actually become more independent. At Camp Chikopi, we consider ourselves a stepping stone on the way to boys becoming more independent, and sending your son to an overnight summer sports camp like ours will undoubtedly help him achieve the independence and individuality he seeks.
At Camp Chikopi, we offer a variety of sports activities to suit everyone. We treat every experience as an adventure, a learning opportunity for your son to grow from.  Because of our extensive range of sports, just being at Chikopi and participating in all of the daily activities we offer, your son will build fitness and endurance in the sport he excels in, as well as learn the skills to be a strong participant in the others.  There are daily team building activities as well as individual learning experiences offered here at Camp Chikopi.  We teach boys how to excel at an individual sport more independently as well as in team sports.
Mastering a new sport will teach independence and build confidence in your son.    He can learn the skills of a sport, excel at it, and realize that he has found his passion independently.  At Camp Chikopi we offer your son the opportunity to learn new or rediscover old passions for a certain sport. We consider ourselves the connection between the boy and the sport, and once your son has been introduced to a sport he might truly enjoy, we let him take it from there.
Sending your son to a summer sports camp not only offers him the ability to learn new sports from his peers and from some of the best counselors, but it also offers him the ability to mature and grow as an individual. An overnight summer sports camp can be intimidating to some, which is completely normal! However, our campers and staff most of whom have been there for multiple summers, or even the hand-picked new ones, will help lead your son to feel more secure and independent on his own.
Leaving home for the first time can be scary, especially when it is to a camp far away from home.  But let us assure you, our campers enjoy every minute of their time at Camp Chikopi as they open up the doors to new adventures and learn to become more independent as they grow older. Even though Camp Chikopi is only for the summer, the time spent with us is guaranteed to help your son become more independent as well as a team player.
If you would like to learn more information about Camp Chikopi or our summer programs, visit There you will find all of the information you need to make the decision to send your son to an overnight summer sports camp. Additionally, you can call our office at 954-566-8235.


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