A Day in the Life of a Boy at Camp Chikopi

Nov 14 2016

There’s much to be said about spending your summer at a camp that was created exclusively for boys - especially so when that camp is focused on sports and fitness. It creates a camp environment where boys can thrive; where they can build their self-confidence; and where fitness training is all-inclusive.

As well as sports and fitness, there must be an atmosphere of friendship, fun and adventure. Whatever a campers’ chosen sport, it’s the day-to-day programming that makes the difference at Camp Chikopi – everything from skills development, to practice drills; to playing competitively and at peak performance.

At Camp Chikopi, the daily schedule and special activities make for a complete, rewarding summer for every camper. Each day everyone is encouraged to try his best to increase physical strength, and build endurance. It’s an environment where campers build character as well as fitness all summer long by encouragement from their friends, team mates and peers.

From sunrise to sunset, Chikopi campers are immersed in camp activities. Every morning begins with an “Earlybird” exercise, an opportunity to wake-up and get the blood pumping before breakfast. Boys can choose from either a lake swim or a run close to camp.  Earlybird is followed by breakfast.  At Chikopi we eat all our meals together with healthy substitutions for campers who have special dietary needs.  Breakfast, like all our meals, is plentiful and highly nutritious.

Every morning time allocated for cabin and camper inspections. All campers are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their belongings and cabin space, as well as assigned specific cabin chores. A running tally of the scores is kept and the Cabin Inspection awards, chocolate bars, ice-cream, movies are presented each week. 

After inspection, the morning classes begin – there are three 50-minute classes, assigned to each cabin.  These are instructional classes where the fundamentals of a sport are taught and practiced.  Classes are assorted as we try to assign a wide variety of sports instruction to give the boys the biggest exposure possible to the many different sports we teach.
Lunch comprises of a hot, nutritious meal, served “family style” in the MainHouse. Again, the counselors are assigned to each table and serve everyone’s meal. Lunch is followed by announcements, explaining the afternoon activities.  “Mail call” signals the traditional handing out of mail from home. After lunch, the tuck shop is open or campers and counselors can return to their cabins for some personal quiet time.
Afternoon activities begin with team practices; swimming, soccer, tennis, triathlon, c-boats, sailing.  Campers choose a sport to participate in to improve those particular skills. Team practice is followed by Team Comp.  Campers play competitively at various team sports, eg: basketball, volleyball, kayak racing, for points. Teams are comprised of campers and counselors based on a variety of age ranges, as well as athletic abilities. The Team with the most points at the end of the summer is awarded the Team Comp title.

To close off the afternoon there is “elective.”  An hour or more of time to do anything from hanging out on the beach in your hammock reading a book, to swimming, or archery, or golf, or sailing, your choice.
Dinner and desert are served home-style in the MainHouse followed by the evening announcements.  Early evening activities usually include a “pick-up” game; capture the flag, speedball, survival, to name a few, followed by bath and snack.  

Each evening concludes with a variety of social activities, the youngest campers are usually off to bed, the older campers have entertainment at the campfire, or games in the game-room,  not forgetting old fashioned “boys time” just hanging out with the guys. 


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