The Advantages of Being Outdoors For Boys

Aug 03 2018

Camp Chikopi is fortunate to be totally unplugged.  Leaving technology at home disconnects campers from all the social media “noise”.  The technology-free policy may take a few days to adjust to, but the rewards are well worth it.  Primarily, it helps boys develop an appreciation for being outdoors, playing sports, relaxing in the wilderness, and connecting with boys who have similar interests and are of all different nationalities and cultures. Without the distraction of technology, your son is certain to establish personal connections. Here are some more benefits of why boys should spend as much time as they can outside during the summer!

Physical Wellbeing

Everyone needs daily exercise to build and maintain a healthy body and to prevent chronic disease later on in life. Being able to exercise in the fresh air is the surest way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Swimming and playing in a freshwater lake and running around on fields surrounded by tall white pine, sugar maple, and yellow birch trees are the simplest way to stay healthy and strong for boys.  Exercise builds strength in their muscles, heart, and bones.  Taking their sport and exercise routine outside will enable them to appreciate all the health benefits a wilderness environment has to offer. 

Boosts Immunity

We all profit more from exercising outside in fresh, clean air.  Being indoors too much can have an adverse effect on a boy’s immune health.  Immunity is more powerful when regularly challenged.  The great outdoors helps elevate the white blood cells in our blood. A healthy white blood cell count strengthens the immune system. The great outdoors will help strengthen your son’s body to fight anything that may come its way. 

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that boosts our immune system. Being outdoors in the sunshine is the most natural way for our bodies to absorb its daily dose of Vitamin D

Brain health

Exercise is proven to relieve anxiety and relax the mind. Spending time outside can reduce stress after a challenging school year, boost memory, increase concentration, and sharpen focus, especially in boys.  Spending time in the wilderness helps reduce cortisol levels. When cortisol levels drop, our ability to relax goes way up!  Summer away from the city, living on the lake surrounded by trees, plants, and nature, will help boys reset and prepare for the next school year.  A few weeks living amongst nature can help our kids pay more attention to their task at hand. 

Being outdoors more often has also been proven to be a more natural solution for boys who experience attention deficits. Creativity, problem-solving, and cognitive function can be boosted by over 50% after spending significant time experiencing the outdoor summer camp environment!  Registering your child for the summer season at Camp Chikopi can be the overall natural medicine he needs to keep his brain strong and healthy. 

There are numerous physical responses our bodies have to experience nature.  Being outside keeps our kids' bodies and minds peaceful and calm; It improves mood and self-esteem, all while helping them keep their brain sharp and body strong. 


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