Life After a Summer at Camp Chikopi

Sep 30 2017

Camp Chikopi has become a core part of summer for thousands of boys every July and August.  Each summer, boys head to airports and motorways to journey to Camp Chikopi’s hills, fields and lake, to take part in the time-honored tradition of Camp Chikopi.  And, while most of you will envisage summer camp with images of swimming and campfires, at Camp Chikopi, it is a much bigger experience than that, but what about after camp and your son is back home? 

Of course your son will settle back into his routine; school, responsibilities, and sports fill most of our boy’s daily lives, but maybe he has a touch of camp sickness, missing his camp friends, the activities the fresh air and the structure.  It will take time to adjust to his quiet room after the hustle and bustle of his cabin.  Here are some of our suggestions to keep the Chikopi momentum going until next summer:

It’s easy!  With a little help from you, your son will keep the Chikopi momentum going until next summer!


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