Why I Send My Boys to Camp Chikopi Summer Camp in Canada

Oct 31 2017

“I’ve been sending my boys to Camp Chikopi for years now. In fact, my husband went to Chikopi as a young boy, and it’s become a family tradition since then". That’s just one of our satisfied parents letting us know how valuable Camp Chikopi has been over the years. “I knew that Chikopi was voted one of the best boy’s summer camp in Canada, and I wanted our boys to have the adventure of their lives.”

A Little Camp Chikopi History

The truth is, Camp Chikopi has been around since 1920, and has been transforming the lives of young boys, as they mature and build long lasting friendships and develop their own personal character. For almost one hundred years, Chikopi has provided a competitive sports camp experience where boys can master a favourite sport, develop team-building skills, and cultivate their own leadership skills.

Elite Coaches instruct your son at a competitive level

As a uniquely different summer camp in Canada, Chikopi staff comprises some of Canada’s most accomplished elite athletes. From track and field, to soccer, to competitive swimming, the camp offers coaches that are proficient in their sport and professional in calibre. “Our boys had the benefit of being trained and coached by some of the best athletes in Canada – without compare.”  

As a highly accredited summer camp in Canada, Chikopi campers are fully engaged in an all-boys summer experience. They can choose a sport with a specific focus, or can choose to participate in various sports, some being interrelated. The best part, of course, is the highly professional level of training and instruction – where the boys can hone skills and strive for peak performance.

As a traditional summer sports in Canada, Chikopi campers are enmeshed, elite athlete, novice athlete and non-comp athlete.  Together we provide a program and instruction to fit every boy’s level and interest.

Boys at Camp Chikopi train hard and go to our camp to become better at their sport

While some summer camps only offer sports for exercise and enjoyment, Chikopi is multi focused.  We offer a high level of skills training, along with a competitive element for those campers who are at that level, but we also offer high quality instructional classes to teach boys the basics of all the sports we have to offer.   And while most boys realize that pro sports may not be in their future, the desire to excel remains. As a quality summer camp in Canada, Chikopi makes every effort to provide an environment where every boy is encouraged to strive for his best.

Parents who send their kids to Camp Chikopi are doing so for a reason. For some of the boys, it’s about improving certain abilities. For others, it’s about developing sports skills. And for others, it’s about maximizing their fitness and athleticism. Chikopi training is focused and intensive – and the camp environment has been specially designed to be demanding, challenging, yet rewarding.

Land Sports, Competitive Sports and Water Sports- Lot’s to choose from!

Year after year, Camp Chikopi offers more than 24 different sports – everything from archery and swimming, to lacrosse and tennis, to sailing and canoeing. The boys can choose to focus on a specific sport, or they can engage in a variety of sports. And the formula is simple:  an emphasis on sports excellence; highly qualified coaches; extensive training protocol; and a focus on self-esteem.

As a select summer camp in Canada, boys of all ages are arriving at Chikopi from around the world. Year after year, boys are returning for another amazing summer experience. To learn more, visit the camp website at www.campchikopi.com or call the camp office at 954-566-8235.


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