Why Plan Ahead for Summer 2019 at Camp Chikopi?

Sep 20 2018

Are you looking for a camp where your son will experience outdoor adventures and a broad range of sports in a timeless, “unplugged” environment?  A camp where your son will form life changing memories?  Look no further -  the summer of 2019 at Camp Chikopi offers just that!

At Chikopi, campers are immersed in a variety of activities, from canoe trips to tennis competitions, – all while enjoying the great outdoors of the Almaguin Highlands. Here, boys not only develop athletically, they also achieve personal growth. After spending the summer at Camp Chikopi, your son will return home with greater independence, leadership skills, and self-confidence, many of the character traits needed to achieve his life goals. The activities at the camp have been specially designed to be challenging and demanding, yet do-able but more importantly, rewarding.

The End of Summer is the Perfect Time to Plan for Summer 2019 at Camp Chikopi

Everyone suffers from end of summer blues. With October fast approaching, and everyone back-at-school, now is the perfect time to turn your thoughts to summer 2019 at Camp Chikopi.  It will give your son something to look forward to and make the transition from worry-free summer days to school work routine much smoother.

Every boy, who’s been to Camp Chikopi before, will tell you that as soon as they step onto the bus at the end of the season, they start the countdown till their next summer at Chikopi. It is hard to let go of a summer when you spent it playing sports, swimming and making friends; they were a part of something bigger and belonged to a team, where everyone took care of each other, and everyone felt important. But one summer is never enough!

Whether your son is an experienced camper or just preparing to leave home for the first time, the end of the summer is the perfect time to start planning for next year’s Camp Chikopi experience!

Sports & The Great Outdoors Will Help Your Boy Destress After the School Year

Spending an active summer in a wilderness environment is not only beneficial for physical health, but will also help your son to refocus after a demanding school year.

The variety of outdoor sports offered at Camp Chikopi are a perfect break from the sedentary lifestyle of home and school.  Sports is the simplest way to make your boy healthy and strong. Swimming in a freshwater lake, running around playing fields, or cycling the trails in the Canadian forest, between tall white pines, yellow birch trees, and sugar maples, helps to build strength in muscles, bones, and heart, while fresh, clean air of the Almaguin Highlands region boosts the immunity.

Spending summer 2019 at Camp Chikopi, completely “unplugged”, and exercising daily will help your son to refocus and release any stored up energy after a challenging year at school, as well as to prepare and reset before the next school year.

Planning Ahead Will Guarantee a Spot in Each Camp Session

At Camp Chikopi, we welcome campers not only from Canada and the United States, but from all over the world. However, you need to keep in mind that bunks in each camp session are limited and fill up fast! That’s why it is so important to plan well in advance and enroll early to ensure a spot for your son to save you any inconvenience of rescheduling your summer.

At each session we offer a variety of outdoor sports and activities with high-level coaching, however we include campers of every level and ability. Our Soccer program includes game tactics, training drills, and real-time scrimmages, while the Swimming program is all about fundamentals: drills, starts, and turns. Your son can select the legendary Chikopi Canoeing program and learn about canoe parts, strokes and paddling techniques, and, of course, safety protocols. We offer a variety of Land and Water Sports, such as lacrosse, archery, sailing, or kayaking. Can’t choose? Go for the Triathlon program, which is a multi-sport endurance race, comprised of swimming, cycling, and running.  Each session also has a unique once a summer activity, Canoe trip, Niagara Falls, and Paintball, to name a few.

Choose Camp Chikopi to for the Best Summer 2019

At Camp Chikopi, the formula is simple: highly qualified coaches, personal training protocol with an emphasis on sports achievement for all levels, and a focus on self-confidence. For almost one hundred years, Chikopi has been transforming the lives of boys, as they develop their personal character, mature, and build friendships that will last a life time. Choose Camp Chikopi for an all-boys sports camp experience with a professional level of instruction and unique, authentic atmosphere and traditions.

To learn more, call the camp office at 954-566-8235 or visit our website at www.campchikopi.com, and make your boy’s wish for summer 2019 to be at Camp Chikopi a reality.


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