Why Camp Chikopi is a Leader in Sports & Boys Summer Camp Activities

May 23 2018

Are you looking for a camp experience with an abundance of boy’s summer camp activities and sports for your active child?  Look no further!  Camp Chikopi, located in Chikopi, Algonquin, is celebrated for being the worlds first “all sports camp”, founded by US Olympic Coach Matt Mann II in 1920.  With an “away from home” experience, your son will learn from nature and the wilderness environment, while acquiring the value of sport and competition. This summer, through ‘everything’ sports; your son will accomplish individual growth while developing solid team building skills.  He will experience independence, gain confidence; learn safe risk-taking skills and improve his strength and diversity, while having the best summer of his life!

Camp Chikopi has highly trained staff that provide personalized sports instruction. At Camp Chikopi your son will experience boys summer camp activities and sports with visiting Olympic and National athletes.  The camp offers a comprehensive assortment of sports programs. Below is more information on each sport your son may choose to participate in:


Camp Chikopi’s soccer program concentrates on distinctive player development within a team environment.  The fundamental skills program spotlights, training drills, game strategies and real time scrimmages.  More specifically, learning important essentials of passing, receiving, shooting, controlling the ball, as well as striking and scoring.  Your son will improve his running skills and fine-tune the use of angles on the soccer field.  All the training drills include attacking and defending, ball movement and footwork, and effective shooting skills to score goals.  Camp Chikopi’s soccer program will significantly improve your son’s agility, speed, and endurance, combined with quality coaching in a camp environment that promotes safety, creativity and fun.


The Canoeing experience at Camp Chikopi is famous and well known.  Our canoe fleet consists of forty-four white and green cedar-strip canoes, and our canoe training includes everything from canoeing for pleasure, to racing, and tripping.  With emphasis on the fundamentals of: canoe parts, equipment, paddling, stroke techniques and important safety protocols.  The best part of canoeing at Chikopi is the overnight canoe trips!  Campers explore the French river, Algonquin Park and many nearby lakes and rivers, while working together and crafting their portaging skills (lifting and carrying the canoe between waterways).


Camp Chikopi’s competitive primary focus is on individual development for your son. The Swim program begins with a strong focus on drills, starts and turns. Through specialized instruction and conditioning, your child’s physical and mental conditioning will improve greatly in and out of the pool!  He will learn the technical aspects; stroke technique, positioning, streamlining, rotating, and pressing.  He will be trained in the tactics of racing; efficient stroke technique, finishing, control and overall management of a swim race.  Each camper will accomplish great improvement in speed and agility, power, endurance, and aerobic capacity, thus greatly reducing injury.  Whether your son is interested in recreational or competitive swimming, Chikopi’s swim program offers all!

Water and Land Sports

For the best in boy’s summer activities, Chikopi offers the best in water and land sports.  The water sports program offers small classes with individual attention and a big focus on personal development.  The program specifically focuses on skill development; practical drills, basic rules and principles, and overall sport strategies.  They can choose to experience canoeing, kayaking, and sailing to name a few.  The training offered focuses on overall physical conditioning, mental preparation, and self-confidence.

With Land Sports your child can choose from over two-dozen activities to participate in, some include; basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, golf, tennis, mountain biking, and field hockey.  Group size is intimate and best of all; campers have the chance to partake in sports they may not be normally exposed to.  In both land and water sports, the focus is all about training, conditioning, and fitness.


Camp Chikopi’s Swim-Bike-Run Triathlon program is in its 3rd year. Chikopi has an extensive supply of new road bikes ready for our campers! Their Triathlon program is focused on personal growth with an importance in the fundamentals of sport: swimming, cycling, and running.  Through highly skilled coaching and rigorous training, each triathlete is able to improve both mental and physical conditioning to enable each boy to excel on the course.

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