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Located in the heart of the Almaguin Highlands, Camp Chikopi, for boys, enjoys a world renown reputation. Campers from all over the world join us on Ahmic Lake through generations within their families, but largely through word of mouth. Our alumni network is immense and very supportive. Not only do they send their children and grandchildren to Chikopi, but our Alumni are constantly recommending “the summer of a lifetime” to their friends, neighbors and sports team members around the world.

Why Choose Camp Chikopi?

  1. Camp Chikopi has been family owned and operated since 1920.
  2. Boys are more willing to participate in activities without the constant social pressure associated with co-ed environments.
  3. Our variety of sporting activities and programs, offer boys an endless variety of exciting adventures each summer.
  4. Accommodations are rustic but clean and comfortable. Campers live in wood cabins alongside nature, without the distractions of modern living.
  5. Chikopi “Spirit” is our motto. Lasting friendships result from summers of living, playing and pulling together in a truly amazing atmosphere and environment that is completely dedicated to the growth and development of today’s boys and teens.


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