Wilderness Camp - What Is It and Why Should You Send your son?

May 13 2016

When you think of a wilderness camp, the first things that come to mind may be hikes through the woods, bonfires high on a plateau on a clear starry night, or living as one with nature and the mosquitoes.
Our location and facilities are what makes Chikopi part of the great outdoors.  Camp Chikopi is 400 acres, 25 acres of which are playing fields and courts.  Three edges of Chikopi are on the banks of Ahmic Lake, and the fourth is deep natural forest. 
We can assure you that, because Chikopi is situated deep in the magnificence of the Almaguin Highlands, we are able to offer boys a unique sports camp with authentic facilities in a wilderness setting, where nature is at its finest.
Chikopi is both a wilderness camp and a traditional summer sports camp for boys. We offer a variety of daily sport activities such as canoeing, swimming, water sports, soccer, volleyball and many more land and water sports.  The great thing about having a camp on the water, is the ability to incorporate and offer so many different sports to our campers, something of which you wouldn’t be able to do if it were in the city.
So what makes us a wilderness camp and why should you send your son to Camp Chikopi?  Something that truly makes a camp a wilderness camp, is the ability to hold everything outside. Very few of the activities we offer at Camp Chikopi are inside. We make the most of the amazing outdoors, the warm summer weather, and clear starry nights.
Other activities we offer at Camp Chikopi that you would not easily find are part of our evening routine. Our evening activities involve outdoor fun like pick-up games until sunset, twilight canoeing on the lake or bonfires with stories and entertainment. 
Bonfires are a regular activity for our campers.  They bring campers and counselors of all ages closer together after a full day of sport activities. We cannot, however, ensure that there will be no mosquitoes, if anything, we can guarantee you that there will be (don’t forget to pack mosquito repellant!)
Camp Chikopi is not just a sports summer camp, it is also an experience. The experience we offer at Camp Chikopi involves both physical fitness and physical well-being. We ensure that the boys who attend Camp Chikopi enjoy some of the best outdoor experiences available.  Being in the wilderness not only helps boys mature, and learn independence, it gives them an appreciation of the natural, untouched beauty that still exists today.  The wilderness in not a place to fear, the wilderness is a place to protect and enjoy.
In this technology driven world, it is important to give your son the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of the great outdoors.  Choosing Camp Chikopi will provide your son not only the experience of a lifetime, he will make friends that communicate by talking, play games on a field not a screen and acquire skills to attain independence. But Camp Chikopi offers more than sports and friendships, it offers boys a natural setting where they will thrive and value the environment.  We teach boys responsibility for the environment that they can live by forever.
For more information regarding Camp Chikopi and our programs, please visit our website, www.campchikopi.com. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding registration or any programs, you can also call us at our winter office, 954-566-8235, or our summer office, 705-387-3811. We look forward to providing your son the experience of a lifetime at our wilderness camp, Camp Chikopi.  


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