Camp Chikopi is an overnight summer camp for boys. We are located in the heart of the Almaguin Highlands, near Parry Sound, Ontario. For over a century (102 years) campers from around the world enroll at Chikopi and return year after year. Our current families and alumni network is far-reaching and amazingly supportive. They have all experienced the summer of a lifetime at one of the best boys overnight camps in Ontario. Best of all, not only do they keep coming back to volunteer and visit, but they are now enrolling their children and grandchildren.

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Camp Chikopi is all about fun. We have highly trained staff that provide personalized sports instruction. With our incredible history of Olympic and professional athletes we often have visiting alumni coaches.  At Camp Chikopi, the boys take part in everything we do but we also offer an optional wide variety of specialized sports programs. Some of these sports and activities include:

Our campers strive for fitness, stamina, and self-confidence. Our inter-camp competitions build a sense of accomplishment and success.

At its core, Camp Chikopi is your traditional overnight sports camp. Instruction is based on the needs of each individual camper. Our focus is on developing skills, building fitness to enhancing performance. Camp Chikopi offers campers more than 25 different sports. These fun camp activities provide campers with the opportunity to excel in their preferred sport, but also allows our campers the chance to experience and enjoy other sports outside of their comfort zone. Through participation, campers gain leadership skills and build self-confidence simultaneously. Not to forget – it’s fun, exciting, and enjoyable.


The soccer program at Camp Chikopi is open to everyone, it focuses expressly on individual player development within a team environment. We emphasize the fundamental skills of the sport. This includes training drills, game tactics, and real-time scrimmages. With personal coaching and physical conditioning, every camper improves and excels on the pitch. Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Where else but Chikopi has a camper the opportunity to enjoy a soccer learning experience on the edge of a lake surrounded by nature. 

The Technical Aspects of Training

Campers are instructed in the fundamentals of passing, receiving, and shooting. Additionally, there is instruction in control, dribbling, juggling, and running with the ball. And finally, there’s turning and shielding the ball, as well as striking and scoring.

Strategy and Tactics of the Game

Understanding the strategy and tactics of the game is key to success. Training drills include attacking and defending, learning to adjust, ball movement, footwork, and shooting to score goals.  At Camp Chikopi, advanced soccer drills make for better, long-term soccer skills.

Mastering Game Positions

Every position on the soccer field requires a specific set of skills. Chikopi campers will improve their fitness, learn how to shut down an opponent, and fine-tune the use of angles. These athletic skills make for better players.

Working Hard and Playing Hard

At Camp Chikopi, campers in the Soccer Program will significantly improve their agility, speed, and endurance. This training experience combines quality coaching in a camp environment that promotes safety, creativity, and fun.

The “Chikopi Spirit" is about lasting friendships. We believe this comes from living together, playing together, and pulling together. Be part of the team at the best overnight summer camp in Ontario. We are dedicated to the personal growth and fun-fulfillment of every camper!

What Are the Benefits of Soccer for Kids?

Are you looking for an amazing summer activity for your son? Soccer is one of the very best choices for any young mind! Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. There are many factors about soccer that make it one of the top picks for boys. Here are just a few of the reasons why soccer should be the #1 choice for your son this summer:

Why Choose Camp Chikopi?

Are you looking to pry your son off his computer, phone or gaming console this summer? It sounds like it is time for you to consider an engaging and fun experience for your son. Camp Chikopi is an excellent choice for an overnight summer camp that will satisfy your need for appealing experiences as well as your son’s need for fun.

With Camp Chikopi’s serene setting, fun activities, inspiring counselors, and wholesome soccer play, this overnight adventure is sure to be the highlight of your son’s summer. He will build lifelong friendships and create lasting memories. Through the power of play in an outdoor setting, your son will learn new skills and a love for soccer. It can be hard to engage and inspire young people these days, but Chikopi has been doing just that for 101 summers.

In an ever-connected world, it is difficult for parents to encourage their son to be active. Why not try an overnight, technology free camp to help unplug him? With budget-friendly prices and staff that will motivate your son by being positive role-models, Camp Chikopi really is the perfect way to spend the summer! Register your son now for summer 2021 by visiting


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