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Camp Chikopi, exclusively for boys, is located in the heart of the Almaguin Highlands, in the Parry Sound area of Ontario. World renowned, we have campers from around the world who have been involved in our programs year after year, and for generations. Our current families and alumni network are far-reaching and supportive – all have experienced "the summer of a lifetime" at Chikopi and best of all, not only do they keep coming back to volunteer and visit, they are now registering their children and grandchildren.

Summer Soccer Camp in ON, Canada

Camp Chikopi is all about excellence. We have highly trained staff that provides personalized sports instruction. We often have visiting coaches – both Olympic and National. And our sports programs are extensive and wide-ranging - from soccer, golf and tennis - to sailing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. Our campers strive for fitness, stamina, and self-confidence and our inter-camp competitions build a sense of accomplishment and success.

At its core, Camp Chikopi is your traditional sports camp. Instruction is individualized, and much of the focus is on skills development and enhancement. Camp Chikopi offers campers more than 25 different sports, with the opportunity of excelling in a preferred sport, and the added elective to engage and experience other sports. Through participation, campers gain technical skills, and build self-confidence simultaneously. Not to forget – it’s fun, exciting, and enjoyable.


The Soccer Program at Camp Chikopi focuses expressly on individual player development, within a team environment. The emphasis is on the fundamental skills of the sport, including training drills, game tactics, and real-time scrimmages. With personal coaching and physical conditioning, every camper improves and excels on the pitch. Physically, mentally and emotionally, Chikopi campers learn to strive and compete in a positive and empowering atmosphere.

The Technical Aspects of Training

Campers are methodically instructed in the fundamentals of passing, receiving, and shooting. As well, there is instruction in control, dribbling, juggling, and running with the ball. And finally, there’s emphasis on turning and shielding the ball, as well as striking and scoring.

Strategy and Tactics of the Game

Understanding the strategy and tactics of the game is key to excellence. Training drills include attacking and defending, ball movement and footwork, and shooting to score goals.  At Camp Chikopi, advanced soccer drills make for better, long-term soccer skills.

Mastering Certain Game Positions

Every position on the soccer field requires a specific set of skills. Chikopi campers improve their running; develop skills in clearing space; learn how to shut down an opponent; and fine-tune the use of angles. These enhanced technical skills make for better players.

Working Hard and Playing Hard

At Camp Chikopi, campers in the Soccer Program will significantly improve their agility, speed and endurance. This is a training experience that incorporates quality coaching and instruction, in a camp environment that promotes safety, creativity and fun.

The “Chikopi Spirit" is about lasting friendships that come from living together, playing together, and pulling together. It’s an incredible camp atmosphere that’s dedicated to the personal growth and development of every camper who attends.

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954-566-8235 (Off Season) 705-387-3811 (Summer)


Camp Chikopi today


954-566-8235 (Off Season) 705-387-3811 (Summer)


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Why I Send My Boys to Camp Chikopi Summer Camp in Canada

Why I send my boys to Camp Chikopi summer camp in Canada

“I’ve been sending my boys to Camp Chikopi for years now. In fact, my husband went to Chikopi as a young boy, and it’s become a family tradition since then". That’s just one of our satisfied parents letting us know how valuable Camp Chikopi has been over the years. “I knew that Chikopi was voted one of the best boy’s summer camp in Canada, and I wanted our boys to have the adventure of their lives.”

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