Social Distancing Survival Tips from Camp Chikopi

Apr 23 2020

Little boy dribbling basketball on pavement surrounded by treesAs the weather warms up, and summer camp season approaches, Camp Chikopi would like to reach out to our returning campers and those who will join us for the first time this summer, to say thank you for hanging in there with us during this unprecedented time! We know that now more than ever, boys especially, are tired of being inside during an enforced quarantine for the last few weeks, and enjoying the outdoors at Camp Chikopi Summer Sports Camp would be an amazing experience to look forward to.

For several years, Camp Chikopi has been planning and looking forward to celebrating our 100th Anniversary. We were disappointed that we had to postpone the 100 days kickoff to the 100th Anniversary in 100 Cities Worldwide that was scheduled on the 11th of April. However, we are staying optimistic, moving on, and looking forward to the summer. 

With summer in mind, we are also very committed to the health and safety of all our campers, counselors, staff, and volunteers. We remain confident that if we all follow our local health departments' advice to stay home and stay safe now, Camp Chikopi's Summer 2020 Sessions will be a great success!

In the meantime, we know parents are facing the new normal as they balance working from home with supervising their kids' education. Camp Chikopi would like to share some important aspects of our Daily Schedule that can help your kids stay healthy, active, and occupied during social distancing.

Tips for Quarantining at Home with Kids:

Establish a Routine

Routine is Key! Before quarantine, every family, whether they realize it or not, had a routine.  
Camp Chikopi has maintained its daily routine for 100 Years. It was carefully mapped out by Matt Mann II and helped both campers and counselors establish the schedule together. With set meal times, chore times, and learning times each day, everyone always has something to do to keep them busy and minimize potential tension.

Factor in Exercise

While school and community sports teams are not currently operating, it's more important to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. 

A few laps of walking around your house, garden, or neighbourhood will get the blood flowing. Many sports at Camp Chikopi don't require close contact and can still be played at home while respecting social distancing practices; singles badminton, shooting hoops by yourself, walking, and cycling don't require any contact.

Limit Additional Screen Time

Schools have been operating remotely for several weeks, so close to 100% of school work is now screen work. 

Camp Chikopi is technology-free. Now is a good time to help your son be more aware of how much time he has to spend on the screen for schoolwork, and the benefits a summer away from the screen will have on his eyes and social life. 

We know this is a challenging time for everyone, but especially young boys who just want to get outside and enjoy summertime sports. Camp Chikopi is fully committed to providing an exceptional and memorable summer sports camp experiences this year and is remaining vigilant on the ever-changing circumstances surrounding CODVID-19 to keep our families updated on our upcoming 100th Anniversary Summer Sessions. Keep checking our website and Facebook page for regular updates! We'd like to thank you again for your continued patience and support, and please stay home and stay safe!


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