Five Activities Boys Can Do at Home to Stay Fit

May 22 2020

Fitness Activity for Boys at Home Photo by Jonas Mohamadi

As the weeks turn into months since schools around the world have closed, and social distancing has kept most boys at home, it’s only natural that they’ve been less active than usual. With community centres and sports clubs also closed, your son may be tempted to spend more time watching the television or using his electronics. He may be thinking there is not much he can do outside because of social distancing or without his friends. 

However, even during social distancing, it’s essential to a boy’s physical and mental health to stay active. The World Health Organization states that, at a minimum, boys aged 5-17 require 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. With 100 Years of experience, Camp Chikopi knows that it’s easier than it seems to stay active, even if you have to exercise by yourself.

Here are a few of Camp Chikopi’s activities that boys can easily modify to fit their environment and exercise at home during the quarantine. Thus supporting their physical and mental well-being, while respecting social distancing guidelines, and give mum and dad a break too! 

Shooting Hoops 

Basketball is one of our most popular activities. Camp Chikopi campers regularly participate in basketball games and knockout tournaments. During social distancing, boys who have access to a front or backyard can practice their basketball skills by shooting hoops or dribbling if they do not have a basket. Jumping and stretching helps to strengthen legs and arms, as well as hand-eye coordination.


Golf is a very versatile sport, with many options on how to play. An added bonus is if you have a ping pong ball or plastic practice golf balls, golf can also be played indoors. Boys can stay active even on a rainy day or if their only outdoor option is a balcony. Place plastic cups on the floor for putting drills, or set up a crazy golf obstacle course and play from room to room. You can enjoy this fun activity alone, with siblings, or invite mum and dad to join in and make it a family night. 


Running is one of the least equipment restrictive ways to stay active. All you need is a good pair of running shoes. Not only does running build leg muscle strength, but it also boosts cardiovascular and lung health, and improves focus and concentration. Best of all, a parent or sibling can ride a bicycle alongside you to keep you company.


For boys who own a bicycle and helmet, this is another excellent way to enjoy being active outdoors. Like running, bicycling builds strength in leg muscles, along with cardiovascular endurance and lung strength.


Swimming may not be an option for all boys. Still, for those lucky enough to have access to a pool, swimming is an excellent way to exercise the total body. Arms, legs, core, and back are all used when swimming and provide exceptional benefits for heart and lung strength. Swimming is also a great way to unwind after a full day of online learning.

Using the equipment and resources available to you at home, staying fit is an achievable goal. 

Camp Chikopi is saddened that the Ontario Government has elected to close overnight camps for the summer of 2020.  With everyone doing their part to practice social distancing, we will all get through COVID-19 together and be back on Ahmic Lake in 2021.

Be safe and well.


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