Camp Chikopi Reopening Plan

May 20 2021
As many of you will have heard, Ontario Premier Doug Ford made an unscheduled announcement, Sunday, 16th May 2021, that “summer camps will open.” As you can imagine, we are delighted at this news.
Premier Ford’s announcement is the first step in the long process of Camp Chikopi physically opening.
Step two - Ontario Minister of Health must make an official announcement and release the Guidance documents, which every overnight camp must comply with.
Step three - the local health authority that oversee each overnight camp must sign off that the camp is in compliance and confirm the camp can operate safely.
Step four - for some of our counselors, coaches, staff, volunteers, as well as the American and International campers to enter Ontario, the Border restrictions have to be less restrictive.
As you see, the long road to re-opening is underway, but not yet 100% accomplished. This summer may have to undergo some necessary and unavoidable modifications to our program and session dates; we will issue updates as the details unfold.
Until the current summer situation is more clearly outlined we are accepting "Save a bunk for my son" enrollments as a first come first to choose the session.
Thank you for your patience and loyalty to Camp Chikopi, we genuinely appreciate it.


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