Keeping up with Club Sports Training at Camp Chikopi Residential Sports Camp

Oct 10 2019

For a lot of boys, team sports are a huge part of their lives. Whether they play for their primary or secondary school’s sports teams or are involved in a local sports club, team sports provide an exceptional opportunity for connecting with peers, strengthening interpersonal skills, and building physical strength. However, for many boys, once the school year ends, they lose access to gym class, extracurricular sports, and some sports clubs take a sabbatical for the summer, making it difficult for boys to maintain their fitness and training level throughout the summer.

Camp Chikopi Residential Summer Sports Camp situated on scenic Ahmic Lake in Ontario, Canada has been providing boys from ages 7-17 with life-changing experiences involving individual and team sports for 100 years. Offering a variety of land and water sports, Camp Chikopi provides the perfect environment for boys to not only maintain their school-year sports training but to also interact with and compete against an entirely different set of players. This can foster new skills and strategies to take back to their home teams at the end of the summer, while also nurturing their physical, mental, and emotional health throughout the off season.

Healthy Sports Index

Club sports training isn’t just about physical strength and endurance. In order to consistently compete, boys must also take care of their mental and emotional health so that they will maintain focus during games while balancing their personal and academic priorities. The Healthy Sports Index developed by the Aspen Institute is a list of the Top 10 Healthiest Sports for adolescents according to their physical, safety, and psychosocial needs. Camp Chikopi proudly integrates each of the 10 sports for adolescent boys, or the recommended alternative, into every summer session at Chikopi, helping boys to stay active, healthy, and strong during the summer, while their school or club sports is on summer vacation break:

  1.  Cross Country
  2.  Swimming
  3.  Track & Field is on limited offer at Camp Chikopi, however, The Aspen Institute’s    recommended alternatives of Cross Country and Tennis are.
  4.  Soccer
  5.  Tennis
  6.  Basketball
  7.  Wrestling
  8.  Baseball
  9.  Lacrosse
  10.  Football

Maintaining Club Sports fitness levels is easy at Camp Chikopi, where boys receive one-on-one and team guidance from trained counselors, and highly-accredited guest coaches. Parents can feel confident that their son has access to healthy activities while away at overnight summer camp, which not only helps support his sports training but also cultivates the skills needed to meet his goals once he returns to school, his home team, and real-life altogether.

To learn more about the Healthy Sports Index-approved sports, and the other great activities offered at Camp Chikopi, check out our Programs link at Our programs include a variety of land sports, but also offer support and guidance in canoeing, kayaking, and sailing to boost boys’ water confidence. Early Bird discounts are offered, so visit to enroll your son for his healthiest summer ever!


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