The Benefits of Enrolling Early at Camp Chikopi - Summer Sports Camp

Sep 19 2019

By now, your son is most likely getting back into the swing of school, club and his social life. It won’t be long before the days grow short and school commitments along with club sports travel start to stress him out. As winter approaches, he will have fewer opportunities to be outdoors enjoying land and water sports. Knowing he is enrolled at Camp Chikopi for 2020, its 100th Anniversary, gives him something unique to look forward to – an amazing summer away at a residential sports camp – this is a great way to keep your son motivated throughout the school year - and has excellent benefits for parents, too!

Early Bird Discounts

Back to school costs and club fees make Autumn an expensive time for parents; factoring a vacation into your annual budget can be a challenge. Camp Chikopi offers amazing discounts for early enrollees so that the expense of back-to-school does not have to mean foregoing family fun. Our Early Bird Discounts also make it possible for families with limited budgets or families with more than one son to ensure all their boys can enjoy the unforgettable experience of a lifetime at Camp Chikopi.

First Preference for Session Dates

At Camp Chikopi, enrollment is first-come, first-serve. When your son is among the first to enroll for the following summer sessions, you benefit from a wider variety of dates to choose from. This is perfect for families who may want to enroll their son at Camp Chikopi – sports camp, for a longer period of time and ensure the availability of a longer session.

A greater range of dates to choose from also enables parents to select sessions that best fit their child. Some parents choose Camp Chikopi’s opening sessions following the end of school, while some boys and teenagers might prefer the latter part of July to mid-August sessions that end just before the start of school. Enrolling early ensures you and your son get the experience you want out of Camp Chikopi - summer sports camp.

Time to Plan Ahead

When you enroll your son early at Camp Chikopi - overnight sports camp, you have more time to prepare for the summer of a lifetime! By enrolling as early as October, you have the opportunity to ensure your son has everything he needs, from vaccination shots to saving up his allowance to spend at the camp tuck shop, or on a trip to Niagara Falls! If you are not Canadian, enrolling early affords you time to ensure your son’s passport is still valid, and apply for a new one if needed. Knowing well in advance when your son will attend Camp Chikopi also allows you, as a parent, to coordinate your own or a family holiday around his camp schedule.

It’s never too early to start planning a life-changing experience for your son, where he’ll have the opportunity to meet boys from all over the world, and foster important life skills. Visit our website at to find the full list of forms you’ll need to help your son start planning a summer filled with, friends, teamwork, land and water sports at Camp Chikopi.



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