Camp Chikopi – An Outstanding Overnight Sports Camp in Canada

Dec 23 2017

Camp Chikopi was voted one of Canada’s best summer camps for boys. As an outstanding overnight sports camp in Canada, Camp Chikopi has been transforming the lives of boys from all over the world. For outdoor adventures, and a wide range of sports, Camp Chikopi is the #1 choice.

Sports for all levels  - at the leading overnight sports camp in Canada

The soccer program at Camp Chikopi is very popular - it focuses on player enhancement as well as team participation. The program emphasizes fundamental skills, training drills, real-game tactics, and scrimmages. Under the supervision of excellent coaching, boys have the opportunity to improve on the soccer pitch. While fine-tuning their individual skills and talents, the boys learn to compete in a positive, encouraging, and empowering game environment.

The canoeing program at Camp Chikopi is renowned – with a fleet of over 40 cedar-strip canoes, 2 War Canoes and several individual and dual racing canoes, the program includes leisure canoeing, competitive canoe racing, and canoe tripping. There is a canoe to fit everyone.  The importance is on canoe fundamentals - parts and equipment; paddling and strokes; and safety protocol. The boys engage in both instruction and practice, where physical and mental conditioning is developed side by side. Skilled instructors provide the best of training. Every summer Camp Chikopi provides an opportunity for boys to race in a competitive canoe and participate in a canoe trip in Canada’s wilderness.

Our swimming program is designed to meet the needs of every level of swimmer.  The competitive swimming program is legendary, it emphasizes personal development, integrating instruction, practice, and conditioning.  With race strategy, campers learn racing tactics and efficient stoke techniques – both of which allow for better control and race management. At Camp Chikopi, boys make significant improvements in swimming speed, agility, endurance, and aerobic capacity.  Experienced instructors provide a safe environment and conditions for our “learn to swim program”, while proficient but non-competitive swimmers improve their technique to help them become more streamlined in the water, generating speed and endurance.

The Swim-Bike-Run program at Camp Chikopi reflects a camp philosophy of sports excellence.  The triathlon program encourages experienced and novices to focus on the essentials of swimming, cycling, and running. Boys receive outstanding instruction and training. Throughout the summer, triathletes improve their physical and mental conditioning to reach strength in each of the three sports.

Water Sports
Water sports at Camp Chikopi are based on small classes, personal attention, and an emphasis on individual development. As with other camp sports programs, fundamentals are highlighted. This would include skills, drills, rules, and strategies. Best of all, boys are encouraged to participate in water sports that they may have never experienced. As a philosophy, Camp Chikopi activities stress conditioning, preparation, and self-confidence.

Land Sports
Camp Chikopi offers some two-dozen sports, where boys can perfect personal skills, develop self-confidence, and excel in the sport of their choice. Sports classes are small and personal attention is assured for campers at all levels. Whatever the sport chosen, it’s all about the skills training, physical conditioning, and performance fitness. For boys of all ages, Camp Chikopi becomes a memorable summer experience with everlasting memories.

Camp Chikopi is an overnight sports camp in Canada that attracts boys from all nationalities, age groups, and languages. More than just sports, the boys build personal character, enhance their leadership skills, and develop life-long friendships. Chikopi is a special overnight sports camp in Canada for both the novice athlete and the practiced competitor.

Parents looking for an overnight sports camp in Canada will find Chikopi to be one of the best summer adventures for their son. Camp Chikopi is a welcoming and inclusive camp; in addition to being a great environment to spend the entire summer. Chikopi is long time accredited member of the Canadian Camping Association and the Ontario Camping Association.


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