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Located amongst the scenic Almaguin Highlands (Parry Sound area), Camp Chikopi is a uniquely different all-boys camp. We are fundamentally a sports camp, where the main focus is on sports excellence. Camp Chikopi is renowned and recognized around the world. Every year, our campers attend from many different nations, and return for another "summer of a lifetime”. Indeed, our campers have been returning year after year, for generations. The Chikopi “family” comprises colleagues, staff, and alumni who are loyal and supportive, almost all of whom are former Chikopi campers.

Boys Sports Camp for the Summer in Ontario, Canada

As a sports camp, Chikopi is instinctively about personal performance and excellence. Our team of trainers is highly trained and well qualified. Our training regimen is extensive and intensive. And we often have Olympic, National, and High School coaches in attendance. Chikopi programs are across-the-board - everything from tennis and archery, to sailing and canoeing. Campers reach for a level of excellence in every sport they engage, and they work extra hard to incorporate physical, emotional, and mental elements in each sport. This is a camp philosophy that inspires.

In essence, Camp Chikopi is your traditional sports camp. Coaching and training is designed to improve skill and enhance performance. Chikopi offers a host of more than 24 different sports, allowing campers to choose a favorite in which to specialize, while participating in many of the others. The sports programming inspires every camper to improve technical skill, and to build self-confidence. But more importantly, everyone at camp emphasizes an essential part of the camp experience is to have fun, enjoying the camaraderie and the long lasting relationships.


With some two-dozen sports to choose from, Camp Chikopi offers specific land sports where campers can perfect their skills, while they develop self-assurance and self-confidence. Class size is small, so that individual attention can be guaranteed for campers at every level.  And for every sport, the training emphasis is on the fundamentals: enhancing skill sets; understanding rules and regulations; and practicing real-time drills. Best of all, campers have the chance to partake in sports that they are not usually exposed to. Overall, it’s about training, conditioning, and fitness.

  •      Soccer
  •      Basketball
  •      Baseball
  •      Triathlon
  •      Volleyball
  •      Canadian Football
  •      Lacrosse
  •      Tennis
  •      Aussie Rules
  •      Archery
  •      Field Hockey
  •      Golf
  •      Mt. Bike
  •      Cricket
  •      Ultimate
  •      Wrestling

Accomplishment and Achievement

Every summer, Chikopi campers significantly improve their fitness levels in every sport they engage in. They develop the speed, agility, and endurance to excel, and enhance their specific talents in their chosen sport. Beginner or advanced, every camper is encouraged to reach for the max.

Summer Sports Camp - Land Sports

Working Hard - Playing Hard.

Land sports at Camp Chikopi are about improving skills, boosting endurance, and reinforcing physical strength. Like everything at Chikopi, the coaching and training emphasizes performance excellence. But above all, everything at camp is about being safe and having fun.

Family owned and operated for over 90 years, Camp Chikopi has history and tradition. The sports environment and sporting activities offer boys an endless summer of excitement and challenge. And the “Chikopi Spirit" ensures profound personal development and long-lasting friendships.


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