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Located in the Almaguin Highlands (Parry Sound District), Camp Chikopi is a private traditional overnight summer camp for boys.  We are fundamentally a land and water, team and individual sports camp. Camp Chikopi is 101 years old; it is renowned and recognized around the world. Every summer, campers enroll from many countries; 75% of those are returning for yet another "summer of a lifetime." Our campers have been returning year after year, for generations. 

Boys Sports Camp for the Summer in Ontario, Canada

As an overnight sports camp, Chikopi is instinctively about personal growth and performance. Our team of instructors is highly trained and well qualified. Our Olympic and National alumni often visit and coach on deck, on the pitch, or on the court. There is a full range of sports at Chikopi, everything from volleyball and golf to sailing and basketball. Our range of sports is there to offer variety, supplement a boys club sport without burning him out.  


In principle, Camp Chikopi is a traditional overnight sports camp. Chikopi offers more than 24 different sports, allowing campers time to focus on their sport of choice while participating in many of the others for fun and fitness. The goal is to learn the fundamentals and improve skills to a level that will enable every camper to participate in the sport. The aim is to build self-confidence, but more importantly, an essential part of the Chikopi experience is to have fun, enjoy the camaraderie, and the life-long friendships.


With over two-dozen sports to choose from, Camp Chikopi offers many land sports where campers will perfect their skills while developing their self-confidence. Class sizes are small, guaranteeing individual attention for campers at every level. In every sport, the emphasis is on the fundamentals: improving skills, understanding rules and regulations, and practicing real-time drills. Best of all, campers have the chance to play sports that are not usually available to them. 

  •      Soccer
  •      Badminton
  •      Basketball
  •      Baseball
  •      Triathlon
  •      Volleyball
  •      Canadian Football
  •      Lacrosse
  •      Frisbee Golf
  •      Tennis
  •      Aussie Rules
  •      Archery
  •      American Football
  •      Field Hockey
  •      Golf
  •      Mt. Bike
  •      Cricket
  •      Team Handball
  •      Ultimate
  •      Wrestling

Accomplishment and Achievement

Every summer, Chikopi campers return home with a significant improvement in their fitness levels due to all the sports they engaged in every day. They develop the speed, agility, and endurance to excel and enhance their specific talents in their chosen sport. Beginner or advanced, every camper is encouraged to reach for his goals.

Summer Sports Camp - Land Sports

Working Hard - Playing Hard.

Family owned and operated for 101 years, Camp Chikopi has a long history and strong traditions. The sports environment and sporting activities offer boys an endless summer of excitement and challenge. And the “Chikopi Spirit" ensures profound personal development and long-lasting friendships.


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