Located in the Almaguin Highlands (close to Parry Sound, Ontario), Camp Chikopi is an all-boys sports camp with a focus on excellence. World renowned, our campers attend from the four corners of the globe. Indeed, year after year, for generations, our campers have been coming back for "the summer of a lifetime”. Our staff, our families and our alumni continue to provide a supportive network, and because all attended Camp Chikopi, they are happy to talk with you about the wonderful opportunity you are providing your son.

Camp Chikopi is all about a quality experience. The coaching staff is well qualified; the training regimen is personalized; and we have visiting coaches from time to time (Olympic and National). Our sports programs are comprehensive, with everything from tennis, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, to canoeing, sailing, and swimming. As for our campers, they strive for excellence in their sport of choice. And that includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects of everything they do.

Camp Chikopi is a traditional sports camp at the core. Training is personalized, and the emphasis is on improving and enhancing sports skills. We have on offer over twenty-four different sports. Each camper can choose to excel in a favorite sport, but will also participate in many of the other sports. The Camp Chikopi experience encourages campers to improve technical skills, while they gain fitness and build self-confidence. Importantly, camp is also about having an exciting, enjoyable summer.


The Swim-Bike-Run Triathlon Program at Camp Chikopi is in its second year.  In 2015, we purchased an extensive cache of new road bikes as we build our program to reflect a philosophy of sports excellence. Like our other camp programs, our focus is on personal development, and with Triathlon, we emphasize the fundamentals of the sport:  swimming – cycling - running. Through expert instruction and intensive training, each triathlete is able to improve both physical and mental conditioning in their effort to excel on the course.

Triathlon Summer Camp for Boys

Triathlon Fundamentals

Triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event, it encompasses swimming, cycling, and running in sequence, over a variety of distances and terrains. Each triathlete competes for the fastest overall time, which includes the two “transition” times between each of the three sports components.

The “transition” areas are between the swimming-cycling and cycling-running segments.  The time spent in “transition” is calculated in the overall race time.  Time is spent on teaching the tricks to a speedy, efficient transition.

Clearly, the training regimen focuses on rigorous training in each discipline, as well as strength conditioning and speedy transitions.

The Training Approach

The key to Triathlons is to boost performance and improve transition times. Chikopi coaches employ a variety of techniques and practices in the training program, including aquathlons (two-stage swimming/running races) and duathlons (running/cycling/running).

Triathlon Race Strategy

In addition to learning the technical aspects of swimming, cycling, and running, Triathlon training
is also about understanding the tactics of the race:  set-up; starting; time-efficient transitions; physical hydration; and overall management of the race.

Mastering Three Sports

Each specific component of a Triathlon requires a particular skill. In many cases, triathletes are masters in one of the sports - but at Camp Chikopi the focus is on mastering all three: swimming, cycling, and running. The result: mastering all three sports.

Working Hard, Playing Hard.

The Triathlon Program at Camp Chikopi supports campers in their efforts to improve their skills, endurance, and physicality. And like all training programs at Camp Chikopi, instruction and coaching is superior, and the environment is safe, enjoyable, and fun.


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