Located in the scenic Almaguin Highlands (Parry Sound, Ontario), Camp Chikopi is a sports camp exclusively for boys and teens. We are world renowned, with campers attending from all over the world. Year after year, and for generations, our campers have been returning for "the summer of a lifetime”. Chikopi families and alumni make up a supportive and extensive network, most of whom continue their personal experience by registering their child and “talking up” Chikopi to friends, neighbours and relatives.

At Camp Chikopi, our focus is on sports excellence. Our coaching staff is highly qualified; our training is personalized; and we often have visiting coaches attending (Olympic and National). Our programs are both comprehensive and extensive – we offer everything from soccer, baseball, and basketball to swimming, sailing, and canoeing. Our campers strive for the highest levels of health, fitness and stamina in their specific sport of choice.

Canoeing in Summer Camp for Boys in Canada

At our core, we are a traditional sports camp, where instruction is personalized, and the focus is on developing and enhancing skill sets. We offer more than twenty-five different sports, where campers can excel in their chosen sport, while engaging in a host of other sports. Camp Chikopi allows campers to improve their technical skills and build self-confidence at the same time. And importantly, the camp experience is exciting and enjoyable.


The Canoeing Program at Camp Chikopi is renowned and legendary.  Our canoe fleet consists of forty-four green and white cedar-strip canoes, and our programming encompasses everything from pleasure canoeing, to racing, to tripping. We focus on personal development, and we emphasize the fundamentals: canoe parts and equipment; paddling and stroke techniques; and, clearly, safety protocols. With instruction and practice, both physical and mental conditioning is equally enhanced.

Technical Aspects

Our instructors incorporate all the technical aspects of canoeing in the training program:  picking a suitable canoe; holding the paddle correctly; effective stroke techniques; and portaging (the task of lifting and carrying the canoe between waterways).

Pleasure Canoeing

Chikopi campers learn the basics of canoeing on Ahmic Lake, where they paddle their way to a variety of destinations:  nearby Camp Ak-O-Mak (our sister camp); Ahmic Harbour; Ahmic Lake Resort’s Candy Shop; even into Magnetawan for some additional fun.

Racing Canoe Program

In this program, campers can experience Canada’s unique sport of Canoe Racing. Our fleet has a variety of War Canoes, each holding 15 paddlers. This is a program that includes both canoes and kayaks, with various numbers of kneeling and seated paddlers.

Overnight Canoe Tripping

Canoe Tripping is experience-based, allowing campers to work together and enjoy together. Our campers explore Algonquin Park, the French River, and various nearby lakes and rivers.  Canoe trips vary with experience levels and overnight duration.

Working Hard. Playing Hard.

The Canoe Program at Camp Chikopi allows campers to considerably improve their overall skills, physicality and endurance. It’s another training experience that combines superior coaching and instruction in a safe and enjoyable camp atmosphere.

Historically, we’re known for our “Chikopi Spirit" – it’s about playing together and pulling together. And it’s about long-lasting friendships. Camp Chikopi is an incredible camp experience dedicated to the personal growth and development of each camper.


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