Top 5 Benefits of Overnight Summer Camps in Ontario

Jan 25 2019
It’s never too early to start planning future activities for your children, so why not look into overnight summer camps in Ontario? While day camps are an option in many cities and towns, they are lacking the immersive experience that can be truly transformative for kids. Camp Chikopi provides incredible, life-changing camp experiences that your boys will talk about for years to come.

Top 5 Benefits of Overnight Summer Camps in Ontario

1. Make friends. 

While it can be a little scary for most kids to go away to an overnight camp with no one they know, our programs truly help kids to connect! Campers branch out from their regular group of friends and have the opportunity to meet people from all over the province, country, and beyond. The camaraderie formed between newfound camp friends is unparalleled, and these bonds can potentially last a lifetime.

2. Learn independence. 

Overnight camp is really unique in that campers are able to make a lot of decisions on their own. The sense of independence that develops is remarkable. While counselors offer guidance and supervision, they don’t micromanage, and campers learn to make their own choices, whether it’s the top or bottom bunk, what to eat for breakfast, or which sport to participate in.

3. Unplug! 

Attending overnight summer camps in Ontario is a great way for kids to take a break from technology. At Camp Chikopi, we believe in the benefits of the authentic, unplugged camp experience. While many of us grew up spending summers outdoors all day, exploring, playing sports or riding bikes, many children today barely go a few hours without using a cell phone, tablet, laptop, television or some sort of social media. By having an unplugged overnight camp experience, kids will likely feel more connected to their new friends and beautiful natural surroundings.

4. Be active! 

Overnight summer camps in Ontario provide the perfect setting for an active summer. Kids are immersed in a variety of sports and outdoor adventures, including canoe trips, swimming and running races, yoga and archery. There’s truly something for everyone. Developing an active lifestyle at a young age is key to enjoying a healthy future, both physically and mentally, and our selection of activities at all skill levels gives each boy the chance to figure out what’s right for him.

5. Gain confidence. 

Summer camp is all about trying new things. Campers are able to arrive at camp with a “clean slate” – away from the expectations that their friends and teachers at home might have for them. They’re able to experiment and discover who they are, all in a judgment–free environment. With the beautiful and inspirational backdrop of Ontario’s Ahmic Lake, boys can try new things, make new friends and develop a level of confidence they never had before.
Since 1920, Camp Chikopi has been providing boys with amazing, authentic camp experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Make this summer a truly magical and transformative one for your boys by allowing them to experience one of the best overnight summer camps in Ontario! Call us at (954) 566-8235 or visit for more information.


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