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Aug 08 2019

Camp Chikopi is a summer camp in Canada located on unspoiled Ahmic Lake.  The nearest town, Magnetawan, is 7 miles away. The natural surroundings make it one of the most exquisite summer camps in Ontario.

With over 400 acres in the Almaguin Highlands of Ontario and 2,000 feet of water frontage, there is more than enough space for a boys sports camp. Sitting on the lake, with lush deep green forests around it, makes Chikopi even more breathtaking.

Camp Chikopi is the First all-boys, all-sports summer camp. It was founded in 1920 and is highly recommended by the Ontario Camping Association and Boys from all over the globe enroll and spend an amazing summer enjoying outdoor activities. All of the activities are related to land and water sports such as swimming, canoeing, soccer, tennis, etc.

During a summer at Camp Chikopi, your son will enjoy natural surroundings away from modern technology. Here are some of the keynotes related to the camp:

What Will My Son Do at Camp Chikopi?

Chikopi is an all-boys sports camp, the activities are carefully planned according to the interests of boys based on their age groups. Numerous sports activities are included that will help your son build a healthier body, a competitive spirit and grow his leadership skills.

The considerable variety of sports include both land and water activities. Through these activities, your son will have the opportunity to develop friendships and build his character.

Every day at Chikopi is carefully planned with a daily schedule. In the mornings, your son and fellow campers do some light exercises before breakfast, and as the day continues, they will engage in a variety of instructional classes and team sports. Rest hour is after lunch, when he will have the opportunity to quietly listen to his favorite music, play games, or read books.

Where Will My Son Stay?

All Chikopi Campers stay in cabins, which can accommodate 12 to 14 campers. Cabins are situated at the banks of Ahmic Lake and surrounded by beautiful green forests. The peaceful and quiet environment is perfect for the summer and will provide the boys with a healthy rest after all their sports activities.

Boys are assigned to cabins according to their age. Moreover, each cabin has 2 to 3 counselors who are there to help take care of your son and his peers. Food is carefully planned and hand prepared to provide your son with an excellent nutritious, varied menu. All meals are prepared in house, and it is important to note that allergies are always accommodated; for example, Chikopi does not allow any nuts to be on the premises.

Who Will My Son Meet at Camp?

Boys from over one dozen countries enroll at Chikopi.  Our program is small enough to ensure that every camper will get to know each other.

Although Chikopi is a boys camp; the boys will meet girls from Chikopi’s sister camp. Inter-camp sports activities include competitions with girls from nearby Camp Ak-O-Mak.

They will compete in the annual colour run, soccer and baseball games.  The sister camp accepts girls from all around the world, Chikopi boys have the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with girls from all four corners of the globe.

Who is Taking Care of My Son?

Safety comes first. Each cabin has 2 to 3 counselors who have police background checks and references.  The counselors are there to provide immediate assistance if needed. The counselor to camper ratio is 3:1, ensuring each boy receives the proper attention and guidance.

In addition, most every counselor was a Chikopi camper.  All are required to hold current certifications in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid. Additionally, an individual swimming assessment of each camper is performed upon arrival, according to Lifesaving Society & Red Cross standards.

Our pool and beaches are carefully monitored.  Counselors and Lifeguards are aware of each campers swimming level.  Health care facilities are a short drive away and there is 24/7 access to a medical doctor.

How Is Travel Arranged?

There are three options for travel to Chikopi.  Drive directly to the camp.  Meet at a pre-arranged hotel in Toronto.  Or for International campers; your son will be met at the airport by Chikopi staff. If your son is travelling as an unaccompanied minor, he will stay in the custody of the airline personnel until he is met by Chikopi staff. Once all campers have arrived they will be transported to the camp.

At the end of your son’s camp session, you have the option to pick you son up at Camp Chikopi.  If he requires transport to Toronto, your son and fellow campers will leave Chikopi at 9 am, and travel to the airport or pre-arranged hotel.  They are accompanied by camp staff, who help them check-in for their flight and hand them off to airline personnel. It is important to note that the camp staff stays at the airport until the all campers’ flights have left.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their son has a valid passport and arranging his flight to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario, Canada.

How Much Does Summer Camp Cost?

Chikopi invoices in Canadian Dollars.  It is among the most affordable summer camp choices for International campers thanks to the current Canadian exchange rate. The cost of the summer camp varies, as it depends on the session length selected at enrollment.

There will also be a day trip to Niagara Falls, where the boys will have an opportunity to go to a shopping mall. If you enroll your son for this day trip, he will need to bring additional spending money to camp which will be stored in the camp safe until the day of the trip.

Get Ready For a Fun Filled Summer at Camp Chikopi

Camp Chikopi will provide your son with an adventurous memorable summer, filled with outdoor fun activities. It is an excellent opportunity to divert his attention from TV, mobile phones & video game screen time. Camp Chikopi is not a large factory camp, our enrollment maximum is 60 campers at a time. Thus ensuring the counselors and staff can provide the attention and instructions needed to provide every boy with important guidance and assistance.

Chikopi campers come from all over the world, and it is a unique chance for your son to create long-lasting friendships with other fellow sports minded campers. Camping at Chikopi offers an opportunity for boys from different cultural and ethical backgrounds to meet, allowing them to broaden their horizons, and learn about other cultures.  We know you won't regret enrolling your son now for this transformative experience.

A summer at Camp Chikopi will provide your son with numerous sports activities that will influence his overall health and fitness. Spending time in the wilderness will offer him a chance re-charge his batteries. Camp Chikopi has everything you need to provide your son with an adventurous, life-changing summer.


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