Dear 9 Year Old Me: My Sleep Away Journey in Canada

Jun 15 2018

You are about to begin one of the greatest and most momentous adventures of your life. Very soon, you will enter the gates of Camp Chikopi. I am sure you are feeling super excited and a little nervous at the same time, and I know you can’t wait to see what this distinctive and captivating camp has to offer. Here is a little taste of what to expect for your first experience at sleep-away camp in Canada!

The Essence of Camp Chikopi

As you know, Camp Chikopi is pretty old, it was old even when I was 9.  It is located on Ahmic Lake, near Parry Sound, Ontario.  At Chikopi, you will experience so many new sports and exciting activities while living in a beautiful natural wilderness setting.  Whether it’s watching the sunset during a campfire or swimming in the clear waters of Ahmic Lake, you will cultivate a gratitude for the simplicity of what nature has to offer us. You will welcome the feeling of freedom when you unplug from the city and school world and begin a summer filled with all that sleep away camp has to offer.  You will make some of your strongest, longest lasting friendships with boys from around the world, and being from the States, you will experience the Canadian wilderness at its best.

Programs & Daily Schedule

You will participate in more sports than you can imagine, like soccer, baseball, canoeing, tennis, rugby, golf, sailing, even a triathlon and so much more. Even if you are just beginning your swim journey or you have some experience under your belt, you will be encouraged to reach your personal potential when you jump in the water.  You will be able to attempt, absorb, fail and develop.  Your caring counselors will be there to guide you and help you to succeed and feel confident at whatever you are practicing.  The daily camp schedule was one of your favourites; waking up to nature and going for a run or swim, eating a hearty breakfast, the anticipation of finding out which morning sports classes you are assigned, lunch followed by tuck shop and a rest hour, and then team practice + team comp, followed by the electives of the day, (hitting the beach with your hammock and a book), dinner, the evening activity, batch and ending with a camp fire, a yummy snack and ready to hit the sack for a restful sleep.  Everything that you learn this summer will accompany you throughout your life.

The Food Rocked

One of the best parts of spending the summer at Camp Chikopi was the tasty food.  Not only would it keep you satisfied throughout the day, it would give you strength and energy to compete in sports and swim to the best of your ability!  Your favourite food day was Friday. Waking up to eat the freshest of fruit, with an omelet and chilled juice, lunch would be French onion soup, baked beans, and the very popular crusty buns.  Dinner was panko-crusted cod with Spanish rice, cucumber salad, and tasty vegetables.  The best was even with your peanut allergy and your restriction to pork, there were always alternatives to keep your belly full, plus camp was completely nut free!  Everything that was served from the kitchen was fresh, super tasty and always got you through your active day.  The chefs in the kitchen were always friendly and eager to help anyone with special dietary restrictions or a picky palate.  At Camp Chikopi, 9-year-old self, the food rocked!

So as you now enter to experience the best summer of your life thus far, remember to have the most fun you have ever had, even if you miss home, your counselors will be there to support and care for you just like home.  Be grateful for this opportunity to attend the greatest boys sleep-away camp in Canada, and most importantly soak it all up!


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