The Perfect Getaway for Boys: A Summer Sports Camp in Canada

Jun 27 2016

As spring turns to summer, many parents find themselves unsure about how their son should occupy his summer break. Aside from a vacation break, parents envisage their son will prepare himself for the upcoming new school year by developing his independence or continuing his extracurricular activities. This is especially true for boys who participate in sports competitively. They are, without doubt expected to maintain their skills and fitness levels throughout their summer break. Parents who want to support their child’s sports endeavors should consider enrolling them in a summer sports camp. Camp Chikopi is a summer sports camp in Canada that provides boys with the resources to maintain and often accelerate their personal and athletic development. Through constant guidance from experienced coaches and a supportive but competitive environment, your son will be able to form lifelong friendships, accelerate his personal development, and expand his athletic capabilities.

Camp Chikopi summer sports camp is the perfect getaway for your son as it provides him with the opportunity to uncover a totally new and supportive environment where he is encouraged to pursue his sporting passion. Camp Chikopi summer sports camp provides numerous opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable in a boy’s hometown or training ground. For example, Camp Chikopi boasts a 50 meter fresh water pool that extends to an open water lake; we also participate in camp trips to swim at the popular Knoepfli Mile Swim and triathlons. More importantly, Camp Chikopi summer sports camp coaches will train your son differently from his home coach. This means that he will receive a second perspective and possibly our coaches will help your son master certain techniques that he might have found challenging before.

Similarly, a summer sports camp will allow your son to develop the technique that he is most comfortable with. Your son will have many opportunities to work with and learn from fellow athletes and campers - this will contribute positively to his personal development. We integrate many team activities so that your son will increase his leadership and teamwork skills. We also provide many fun teambuilding exercises so that your son will enjoy his time at Camp Chikopi. A summer sports camp is a great program for a young adult who is determined and eager to bond with others and with nature, through challenging and rigorous sports activities. Although your son may arrive knowing no one at the start of the program, he will quickly make friends and learn that Camp Chikopi is more than just a training facility; it is a place where he will be able to freely learn more about himself while having a new big summer family to aid in his development.

Camp Chikopi was founded in 1920 by Matt Mann II, the coach of the University of Michigan and 1956 Olympic swimming teams.  The camp focuses on fitness and building the personal character and techniques of young competitive athletes. With proven and effective training techniques, our alumni have successfully competed in various national, international and American and Canadian Olympic teams. We aim to integrate nature into our training programs as we believe boys benefit tremendously by exercising and living with nature. We look forward to guiding and working with exceptional young adults who want to leave their marks in the athletic world. Please email us at or call us at 954-566-8235 (Off Season) or at 705-387-3811 (Summer) for more information.


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