Physical Benefits of Triathlons for Boys

May 15 2016

Exercise through competitive sport is well known to produce many positive physical and mental effects. A Triathlon is a multi-sport event that consists of swimming, cycling, and running. Individually, each of these three sports is substantially demanding and attributes to positive physical gains, combined they make for a talented, dedicated athlete. 
At Camp Chikopi, we offer boys aged 7 to 17 the opportunity to excel in their individual stages of physical development through various sports programs, like triathlon. Triathlons are arguably one of the most physically tough and mentally challenging tests of the human body and mind. Here is what your son can gain by attaining those benefits at Camp Chikopi
Triathlons build stamina and endurance; athletes compete in three separate, but continuous disciplines. Swimming, cycling, and running are individual competitive exercises, each focuses on muscular and cardiovascular development. However, combined, these three sports require this muscular and cardiovascular endurance to be a more overall complete body fitness. For example, a cyclist and a swimmer use a different set of muscles for their sport, as does a runner and a swimmer.  Therefore, participation in triathlons not only builds stamina and endurance needed in one discipline, but allows a more rounded physical development in every area of the body.
Boys participating in triathlons will see great cardiovascular benefits as the sport tests their ability to endure its longevity and diversity in exercise. This strong cardiovascular development not only can impact a boys’ immediate physical development but can have long standing effects as young boys mature into adulthood, which is one of the things we pride ourselves on at Camp Chikopi.
In addition to cardiovascular development, the numerous muscle groups used in a triathlon, such as the upper body, shoulders, legs and core, require an overall body fitness. In the running and cycling portions of the triathlon, significant strength and muscular flexibility is required in an athletes’ legs to finish strong. Meanwhile, the swimming event requires more upper body focus. The overall physicality of a triathlon encourages strong muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.
For boys aged 7 to 17, these physical traits are beneficial to their development as his body grows and matures. Ensuring strong core muscular development will help with a boys’ bodily transition into young manhood.
The age range of 7 to 17 sees a young male go through some of the most significant physical growth he will have in his life. Developing cardiovascular and muscular strength is something that most adults today struggle to maintain. Encouraging boys to participate in triathlons will positively impact their physical development not only in the immediate future, but can also encourage long term positive physical benefits, and the best place to ensure your son will develop these skills is at Camp Chikopi.
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