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The Benefits of a Swimming Camp for Boys

Jun 21 2016

Each year as summer approaches, many parents find themselves unsure about what their son should do for their summer break. While some parents believe that their son deserves a long holiday to recharge, others believe that continuous activities are needed for boys to stay on top of their interests for the impending new school calendar. Nonetheless, if your son is a competitive swimmer, there is no question he will need to maintain his fitness throughout his summer break. Concerned parents who note the lack of community during their son’s training in the summer should consider enrolling him in a swimming camp. A swimming camp provides a place for active learning, with exceptional personal and athletic development, for young male athletes. For parents who are unfamiliar about the concept, this article will discuss all the benefits of a swimming camp for boys in detail.

The most fundamental benefit of enrolling your son in a swimming camp, like Camp Chikopi, is that we will focus on his individual development. The coaches at an established reputable swimming camp, like ours, understand that your son has different strengths and weaknesses from other swimmers, and so we focus on correcting the techniques that your son needs to work on most. At Camp Chikopi, we strive to apply the best workout fundamentals through conditioning: drills, starts, and turns. Alongside experienced coaches, your son will be able to significantly increase his speed and agility, power, endurance, and aerobic capacity that will lead to a great overall improvement in his athletic performance. A strong community and bonding that occurs in a swimming camp will also help bolster your son's motivation and ability to experiment and learn new swimming techniques. Your son will be able to observe and learn new techniques from fellow young athletes who share his enthusiasm and passion for swimming.

With a great potential to improve your son's swimming abilities, it is only suiting that a great personal development will also occur during his time at the swimming camp. We understand that great potentials can only be maintained by a strong sense of responsibility and passion. For this reason, Camp Chikopi also emphasizes character development in the swimming program. During his stay at our camp, your son will be responsible for certain daily chores alongside his fellow campers while also learning about ethics in sports. At the same time, we also integrate numerous fun activities to ensure that your son will enjoy his stay and develop long lasting bonds with fellow campers. Lastly, we have a high standard for safety; we will teach your son the aspects of swimming safety, a skill crucial in reducing potential injuries and hazards throughout an athlete's swimming career.

Camp Chikopi was founded in 1920 by University of Michigan and Olympic swimming coach, Matt Mann II. The camp focuses on training and building personal characters and techniques of young competitive swimmers; we are the oldest swimming camp in the world. With proven and effective training techniques, our alumni have fruitfully competed in various national, international and American and Canadian Olympic teams. We are always looking forward to guiding and working with exceptional young adults who want to leave their marks in the athletic world. If you’re considering enrolling your sons into one of Canada’s premier swim camps, please email us at or call us at 954-566-8235 (Off Season) or at 705-387-3811 (Summer); we are excited to help your children reach their maximum potential!

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