Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Jan 27 2022

What do the movie Mission Impossible and the band Electric Light Orchestra have in common? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - who was born on 27th January 1756.

Both Mission Impossible (2013) and ELO (1974 Day Tripper) incorporated Mozart's 1805 Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K. 545

1. Mozart wrote his first composition at 4 years old.  By age 5, Mozart was skilled at the clavier (a type of Harpsichord) and violin. Mozart toured a lot as a child, performing for European royalty.

2. Mozart had a typical young boy sense of humour.  Mozart thought toilet jokes were funny; his family shared the same sense of humour.

3. Mozart’s final resting place is unknown.  In 1791 he was buried in a “common grave.” As was the tradition at the time, only the aristocracy was buried in marked graves.

4. Mozart was a Freemason.  He joined the Freemasons in 1784. Several of his most famous compositions were inspired by Masonic values. "The Magic Flute K.620” and cantata “Dir Seele des Weltalls, K.429.”

5. His full name was “Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart.”  Mozart preferred to be called “Wolfgang Amadè.”



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