Top 4 Reasons to Work at a Summer Camp in Canada

Sep 25 2018

Visiting Canada in the warmer months of summer is the most paramount time to discover the country's extensive range of both metropolitan and more remote, exciting destinations. Even better, if looking for employment, the ideal summer job is to work at a camp in Canada. Here are some reasons why:

Let’s find out why working at a summer camp in Canada is so awesome…

#1 Be Paid to Have Fun

For many of us, summer is the best season to enjoy the outdoors, to be paid for it makes it even better.  Being a summer camp counselor in Canada is a great way to experience this. As a counselor at Chikopi sports camp in the Almaguin Highlands, you are given the opportunity to guide boys through much more than just sports. You are a role model, you become their mentor and assist them in building character, friendships and leadership skills that will stay with them a lifetime. Best of all, you are paid to spend your days outdoors having a great time with the campers and fellow counselors.

#2 Reward Yourself with Travel After Camp

Being a tourist in Canada is amazing, as you have many opportunities to keep travelling (after camp) and exploring the culture and scenery of the coastline, mountain ranges and national parks. From the Rocky Mountains to Niagara Falls, there are so many spectacular locations to visit! If you are seeking more of a city-feel, check out Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. There is so much to do and see throughout Canada that you can really pick and choose the best spots based on your interests and personality. Make sure to take lots of photos to share your adventures back home!

#3 Experience the ‘True’ Canadian Culture

Canada is known for its residents being the nicest people in the world. While working at a summer camp in Canada, you will meet the friendliest people on the planet and make friendships with others that have their own unique multicultural stories. Indulge in a traditional Canadian food staple, poutine. It’s made up of French fries and cheese curds, topped with homemade gravy. Experience the best in campfires while roasting marshmallows and s’mores. Canadian food and people never disappoint!

#4 Achieve New Credentials

This coming summer, while you are paid to work, you will also build your resume. Employers are very impressed with applicants who have worked with children in a residential setting. You will also enhance your skill set as most camps require further qualifications before being accepted, first aid/cpr, lifeguard, swim instructor, canoe instructor. After all, you need some of these qualifications to work at a camp like Camp Chikopi. You will gain new skills and certifications that will continue to guide you after the summer is over and for the rest of your professional life.

As you have read, working at a summer camp in Canada is the best job you could pick for so many awesome reasons. Check out Camp Chikopi for your 2019 camp counselor experience and have the best summer of your life! Email to apply.


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