Give the Gift of Overnight Summer Camp in Ontario

Dec 17 2019

The holiday season is upon us, and many parents are on the hunt for the perfect gift for their son. Every Young boy campers posing in their Camp Chikopi tshirtsDecember, there is typically a new toy, video game, or electronic device that boys have on their wish list. Their list makes it easy to get stuck in a pattern of giving him this year’s hottest gift. 2019, do something different, give your son a gift that will have him moving, build valuable interpersonal skills, and better acquaint him with nature.

The gift of Camp Chikopi, an overnight summer camp in Ontario, Canada, is an experience that builds character, strength, lifelong friendships, and a summer that your son will remember for a lifetime.

Sports at Camp Chikopi Build Strength & Coordination

While spending a summer at Camp Chikopi, your son will take part in a variety of sports and activities that will help him develop both mental and physical strength as well as agility. Team sports build team bonding, sports like soccer, help build endurance, and lower body coordination, while others like basketball will challenge his upper body strength, speed, and coordination. Swimming not only builds excellent awareness skills but strengthens and increases lung O2 capacity. With the variety of land and water sports available to Camp Chikopi campers, your gift of an overnight summer camp experience is guaranteed to improve your son’s physical and social life.

Summer Camp Boosts In-School Performance

While your son is at Camp Chikopi, he not only participates in physical activities, he will also acquire valuable problem-solving skills. Additionally, he will work on game plans and strategies with his fellow teammates; these will help him learn training and game tactics. It is a perfect outlet to clear his head and prepare for the next school year. These mental, cognitive, and emotional benefits will continue to grow and provide your son with the skills to effectively manage his academic responsibilities.

Overnight Summer Camp Fosters Lifetime Relationships

As the world’s first “all-sports camp,” Camp Chikopi becomes a summer home to boys from many different countries around the world. Our summer is 49 days; each session at Camp Chikopi is unique; our daily program is never repeated. Add that to the mix of boys from a wide variety of countries and cultural backgrounds, and summers foster an appreciation for diversity and inclusion. Many Camp Chikopi campers develop friendships that continue long after they return home, these friendship bonds are what make the boys return year after year to spend another summer with their camp friends. The interpersonal skills fostered during his time at Camp Chikopi will vastly benefit the different relationships your son will have throughout his life.

Gift a lasting, memorable gift with overnight summer camp

For 100 years, Camp Chikopi has provided boys aged 7-17 with lifelong memories, great friendships, and valuable skills to apply to their everyday life. Summer camp in Ontario is a gift that keeps giving, with experiences that encourage personal development, and is something for your child to look forward to through the remainder of this school year.

We will be delighted to welcome your son to Chikopi during the summer of 2020, our 100th Anniversary.

For more information or to request the Camp Chikopi enrollment package, please email the camp office at, or telephone 954-566-8235.


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