Watch your boys challenge themselves at Camp Chikopi- Ontario’s All Boys Sports Camp

Jun 30 2017

Watch your boys challenge themselves at Camp Chikopi- Ontario’s All Boys Sports Camp
Sending your son to summer camp has been a time-honored tradition in North America for over a century. Nothing shapes a young boy into a man more than organized activity, team work and the elements of nature. Facing a challenge and solving it are skills that we teach at Camp Chikopi. All of these are powerful reasons to send your son to Ontario’s only all boys’ sports camp.

Camp Chikopi was founded 1920, it has always been an outdoor sports camp situated on Ahmic lake in Parry Sound, Ontario.  Since its beginning, Camp Chikopi has boasted campers from all around the world, it is the world’s first all sports camp, and it is no wonder why for over 95 years Camp Chikopi has had the honor of shaping many young boys into the men they are today; productive, resilient, strong hardworking members of society.

Without a doubt there are many turning points in a young boys’ life. Life and society constantly attempt to challenge and influence the young people in our lives.  At Camp Chikopi, we see it as one of our responsibilities to help steer boys on the right path. At Camp Chikopi your son will be challenged in varied and exciting ways. From the beginning Camp Chikopi will encourage your son to try new things, whether it is a new dish in the dining hall, helping to cook a meal on canoe trips, a sport he has never heard of, making his own bed, socializing with other boys whose home is thousands of miles away, we lead by example and positive peer pressure.  Chikopi leads boys on the path to maturity that keeps them coming back summer after summer.

There are a great many team sports and related activities at Camp Chikopi. Our daily scheduled activity begins with an early bird exercise that offers the choice of a morning swim or jog followed by a hot nutritious breakfast. Campers sleeping quarters are then inspected as the boys are encouraged to participate in daily chores, make their bed, tidy their belongings, sweep their cabin and porch amongst others.  Our long list of activities includes various team sports that serve to strengthen every boys’ work ethic and cooperative skills. Every boy will enjoy the choice of sports such as soccer, softball, football, baseball or volleyball. There is no better feeling than working together with fellow teammates and doing so instills a solid work ethic in your son and prepares him for any challenge that life throws his way.  

At Camp Chikopi, Ontario’s leading all boys’ sport camp, we guide young boys on to being men. Through our team building activities your son will learn how to challenge himself to greater heights and persevere through whatever life throws at him. There is a reason why Camp Chikopi has been and will continue to be one of the world’s foremost summer all sports camp and that reason is that Camp Chikopi strives to be a life changing experience for those that pass through our gate. Every boy who attends Camp Chikopi is guaranteed the opportunity to become part of a living tradition, a tradition of empowerment and maturity. So call us today at 705-387-3811 or email us at to enroll your son this summer at Ontario’s all boys’ sports camp, it is guaranteed to be a summer he never forgets, with friendships forged that will last a lifetime.


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