International CamperS

Arrival at Pearson International

At Camp Chikopi, safety and comfort come first! For this reason, our most fundamental priority at the beginning of each summer 

International CamperS

session, is to ensure your son arrives at Camp Chikopi safe and sound. Here are some things you should know before you book your son’s flight:

Departure on the last day of Camp

After an amazing summer, everyone dreads the end of camp, but when the day comes it’s important to know what comes next. On the last day of their session, international campers will take the 9am camp transport back to Pearson International (YYZ). Flights should depart after 3pm and before 8pm.  Our camp staff will help each camper check-in. This includes assisting with all necessary airport prodecdures for their flight back home. Staff members stay at the airport until the last flight has departed. Make sure your camper has their booking reference, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Camp Chikopi - Overnight Sports Camp for Boys

Prepare for your son to arrive home with increased confidence, new skills, and stories of friendship and adventure. You have the peace of mind at all times with the knowledge that, since 1967, Camp Chikopi has been an OCA (Ontario Camps Association) accredited camp. There is a medical doctor available at all times to ensure the health and safety of everyone at camp. Camp Chikopi campers are always taken care of and their well-being is a constant priority, followed closely by fun and adventure!

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