The Twelve Most Asked Questions About Camp Chikopi

Mar 30 2020

We know that attending summer camp for the first time can be a bit intimidating for some of our campers - let alone their parents. We’ve tried to compile our twelve most frequently asked questions here for you to review together with your child, and are always available to go more in-depth with you by email or over the phone.

1.     Where do campers sleep?

All of our campers sleep in cabins that house 12-14 boys and 2-3 counselors. Cabins are assigned according to age, which gives each child a ready group of relatable peers.

2.     Who looks after my son?

Camp Chikopi boasts a 3:1 ratio when it comes to counselors. Our counselors come from all over the world. They are hired after successfully passing police background checks and providing references - as well as proving their certification in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid.

3.     Who will my child meet at camp?

Our campers come from over a dozen countries worldwide, resulting in a healthy and diverse environment providing an opportunity for us all to learn and grow from each other. We also offer inter-camp events and competitions with the girls from our sister camp, Ak-O-Mak.

4.     How do campers spend their days?

Camp Chikopi is a sports camp, and we carefully plan our activities to ensure our campers enjoy a wide variety of land and water sports. Interests, age, and ability are all taken into account, and a daily schedule provides support and routine so that everyone knows when it’s time to play and time to rest. A peek at our typical schedule is available on our website! (link)

5.     What is the food like at Camp Chikopi?

In short - our food is delicious! Every meal is three courses and cooked in house.  Meals are served at the table family style.  Fresh fruit, wholesome grains, meats, and vegetables are on the menu every day. Camp Chikopi has many campers with food intolerances, allergies, or religious exclusions, and we’re happy to provide healthy and nutritious alternatives in a nut-free environment.

6.     What happens when it rains?

We have several large activity buildings where boys can fill their time on rainy days with indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, fitness or yoga, or with quieter activities like reading or board games.

7.     How is travel arranged for international campers?

For parents unable to drive their child to Camp Chikopi, we offer a bus from a pre-arranged pickup spot in Toronto or a personal pickup at Pearson International Airport by Camp Chikopi staff. Parents are responsible for making sure their child has a valid passport and arranging their flight to and from Pearson.

8.     Can I book my son for more than one session?

Yes! Some campers stay for the whole summer while others join us for shorter periods.

9.     Will my child have access to medical staff?

Health and safety is a priority at Camp Chikopi - boys have 24/7 access to a medical doctor, and there is a local hospital a short drive away.

10.    Do campers need pocket money?

There is no cash needed on the camp. Parents pre-pay into their son’s tuck shop account.  Campers can buy camp clothing, souvenirs, toiletries, or something sweet at the tuck shop.

Some campers attend off-site field trips and will need pocket money during those occasions.

11.    Is your waterfront and beaches safe?

Every member of Chikopi participates in a water test on their first day of camp.  A detailed record is kept of everyone’s swim level.  We follow current Lifesaving Society guidelines and hire certified lifeguards to ensure our campers remain safe in and around the lake.

12.    How much does camp cost?

The cost for Camp Chikopi varies depending on the enrolment session length. All fees are charged in Canadian Dollars.

Camp Chikopi has been a summertime staple for boys from all over the world. Now in our 100th Year, we invite your son to discover a summer outdoors along Ahmic Lake and enjoy new friendships, land and water sports, and life-changing experiences. Visit our Registration Info for enrollment forms!


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