Why Camp Chikopi is One of the Most Affordable Summer Camps

Mar 14 2019

It’s never too early to start planning future activities for your kids, so why not look into affordable summer camps? Camp Chikopi, located on Ontario’s beautiful Ahmic Lake, provides amazing, transformative experiences that your son will talk about for years to come. You might ask yourself, are summer camps important for boys? Absolutely! Your son will have the opportunity to make friends, learn independence, get active, gain confidence and unplug from our tech-saturated world. These opportunities are priceless, and the overnight camp experience is more affordable than you might think!

Affordable Summer Camps: What Value Do You Get at Camp Chikopi?

Overnight camp, especially a sports camp, can be an absolutely transformative and invaluable experience. Boys have the opportunity to branch out from their usual group of friends and form new connections with people from all over the province, country and even beyond. While counselors offer guidance and supervision, campers will make a lot of their own decisions, and the sense of independence and accomplishment that this brings will last a lifetime. From what Early Bird and Electives to participate in, to choosing Saturday night movie or going to the dance, campers will try new things and discover who they are in a safe and judgment-free environment, developing a newfound confidence and goals!

If your boys stay home for the duration of the summer, chances are they’ll fall into the same old routine of friends, couch activities and a lot of screen time. Overnight camps give boys a fresh start, where they can try new things without feeling self-conscious, and experience what it’s like to truly unplug – no cell phones, TV, computers or social media – and connect with their new friends in peaceful wilderness surroundings. And with numerous activities to choose from at every skill level, from canoe, kayak and sailing on the lake, running and swimming races and soccer games, to yoga, archery and Frisbee golf, everyone is sure to find something they truly enjoy doing! When you give your stamp of approval on this investment in your son’s future, this summer is guaranteed to be a truly valued and memorable one.

Is Summer Camp Worth the Cost?

The camp experiences presented at affordable summer camps like Chikopi offer an important investment in your son with a truly high return. Not only do we offer a fun, safe and supervised environment, eliminating expensive day activities, babysitters or managing your sons’ free time, you can be confident that the positive virtues your son develops from a summer at Chikopi will be lasting and entirely worth it.  You gain peace of mind and your son gains independence, accountability, confidence – and he will have fun!

Why Choose Camp Chikopi?

Since 1920, Camp Chikopi has been providing boys with an authentic and unique overnight sports camp adventure. Make an investment in your sons’ future by enrolling him at Chikopi where he will experience one of the best affordable summer camps Canada has to offer! Call us at (954) 566-8235 or visit our enrolment page for more information.


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