A Valuable Ontario Sports Camp For Boys

May 23 2017

When boys attend a sports camp in Ontario, the experience can be very rewarding, particularly when they return year after year.

The Ontario summer climate is exceptional for outdoor sports; we enjoy consistently warm summers, with temperatures that rise above 80 in the day and drop below 70 at night, providing excellent sleeping conditions.best boys sports camp ontario soccer

Location is everything!  Chikopi is within easy driving distance of the hot, busy, smoggy summers of cities like Toronto. But close enough to give campers the option to visit Niagara Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Camp Chikopi is in the heart of the Almaguin Highlands.  The beautiful wilderness provides us with miles and miles of hiking and biking trails.  The clear open skies provide views of the Milky Way that are rarely viewed from a city night sky.

We are situated on Ahmic Lake, one of Ontario’s cleanest freshwater lakes.  Fed by the Magnetawan River, it provides us with so many opportunities for lake sports and activities, providing hours of fun and entertainment; beaches, fishing, rapids, waboba, rock jumping, swimming, canoeing, sailing, and kayaking.

Ontario is unique in that it is home to two mother languages; English and French.  Chikopi is located in the “Near North” where both languages are often spoken by the locals.  But at Camp Chikopi our campers are from 5 continents of the world, many more than 2 languages are spoken, and with our encouragement and support your son will return home speaking English more confidently.

Ontario is renowned for its friendly citizens.  At Chikopi we are well-known for extending our hand to welcome all who would like to join us for the summer.  In 2017 there will be 18 Country flags flying at Camp Chikopi.  We are proud of our diversity and the locals enjoy the International atmosphere Camp Chikopi brings to the community each summer. 

If you are stuck on where to send your son for the summer, it’s hard to go wrong with Ontario.

Ontario is home to some of the oldest summer camps in the world, Camp Chikopi holds the crown when it comes to traditions and sports.  Camp Chikopi is ranked in the top 7 camps for boys in Ontario.  So if you are looking for an Ontario summer camp, take a look at Camp Chikopi it may well change your son’s life.

Getting Physically Active

Camp Chikopi provides a summer long experience of being outdoors and active. It’s an important break from texting, computers, and video games.

Developing Social Skills

Camp Chikopi teaches boys to communicate better and to work collaboratively as a team. Boys establish social and team building skills for the future.

Building Self-Confidence

Away from home, summer camp is instrumental in building self-esteem and self-confidence. Allowing personal development to take on a new direction.

Discovering New Things

With good coaches and good facilities, Camp Chikopi is the ideal environment to discover. Beyond sports, it’s a place to discover new people, cultures and values.

Achieving Independence

With the guidance of hand-picked counselors and staff, most of whom grew up and matured at Chikopi, their peer pressure offers the perfect example to build personal responsibility and independence.

Making Great Friends

Summer camp provides an opportunity for boys to develop friendships with an assortment of personalities they would not likely meet in their home town.  This helps the boys build friendships that are less judgmental, more far reaching and long lasting.

More information is available at the camp website, www.campchikopi.com or by calling the camp office directly at 954-566-8235.

Learn more about the daily schedule at Camp Chikopi Boys All Sports Camp.


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