Why Some Boys Fear Water and How a Competitive Summer Sports Camp Can Help

Oct 05 2016

Learning how to swim doesn’t come as easily to some as it does to others. Some boys enthusiastically jump into water, while others may stand on the beach, the dock or the poolside, hesitant to venture into the water. Learning how to swim is a stepping stone for boys, but once they achieve water confidence, they can build on their skill level and learn to enjoy and appreciate its many physical and mental benefits. At Camp Chikopi, we help boys face their fear of getting in the water, not only through swimming lessons, but through guidance and support from their peers, coaches and counselors.

At Camp Chikopi we will help your son overcome his fear of water and dive into a summer of new and exciting adventures. Not only do we offer swimming lessons and water activities to build your sons water safety skills, but our long and varied list of activities will help build his confidence to try other new more challenging pursuits.

It may be your sons first summer at sleep-away camp, or it may be that your son is learning how to swim for the first time, or he may know how to swim, but has a fear of sailing or kayaking in open water, these are not uncommon objections from boys, but at Camp Chikopi, we help guide your son into being a confident young man who will be able to jump right into the water or a variety of other challenging activities and face his fears.

Camp Chikopi offers a wide selection of both land and water sports that your son will develop skills in and be able to take his knowledge and experience home. At Camp Chikopi, we encourage our campers to involve themselves in sports that they may not have tried before. We enjoy seeing your son, our camper, try new things, especially sports that they may not be familiar with, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Rugby, or Competitive Canoe!

We give your son the opportunity to develop his ability in every sport that is offered at Camp Chikopi, but swimming is a main focus because swimming is one of life’s most essential skills and the most beneficial sport he can learn. The benefits are not only for competitive swimmers but for leisure swimmers too.  Swimming is a skill that everyone, young and old, can enjoy for their entire life.  Therefore facing his fears of the water at Camp Chikopi will help build confidence within, not only for swimming, but for his future too.

Building life-long friendships at a competitive sports camp will help your son learn the value of friendship as well as the benefits of team work. At Camp Chikopi, we help campers face their fears with the support of others as well as teach him the value of his support to others, this life skill is one of our main objectives. 

If you would like to learn about the different programs we offer at Camp Chikopi, visit our website, www.campchikopi.com,. You can also give us a call at our summer offices, 705-387-3811, or our winter offices, 954-566-8235.


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