Building Confidence at a Boys Summer Sports Camp in Canada

Feb 17 2016

Clearly, not every boy will become an Olympic or professional athlete. However, nothing quite compares to physical exercise when it comes to enhancing the mind, body and spirit. Sports, whether recreational or competitive, lay the foundation for personal responsibility, commitment, dedication, and personal leadership. Above all, building self-confidence and believing in one’s self has a positive impact on a boys’ life as a whole. And while being in an athletic, competitive environment has some basic steps to observe and follow, Chikopi’s supportive sports camp environment will certainly bolster and reinforce every boy’s confidence.

Camp Chikopi is an all-boys summer sports camp that focuses on sports excellence within an environment that is inspiring and motivating. This is a setting where boys of all ages can build self-confidence that will endure a lifetime. It’s a summer experience where coaches and staff resolve to motivate campers to develop and enrich their personal performance and sports excellence.

The training programs at Camp Chikopi are fundamentally intensive. The summer programming is wide-ranging - from soccer, to swimming, to triathlon, to canoeing. Chikopi campers are encouraged to reach for excellence in their sport of choice, where they can build on the physical, mental, and emotional components of the sport.

Camp philosophy is influential. And while Chikopi remains a traditional sports camp, training and coaching is designed to advance physical skills, boost physical fitness levels, and develop one’s self-confidence. With more than 24 sports to choose from, campers can specialize in a favorite, and participate in many others for fun. Summer camp engenders both camaraderie and lasting relationships. 

Camp Chikopi is an ideal sports environment where boys mature, while they foster their self- confidence and self-assurance. Class sizes are deliberately small, so that individual training can be assured, regardless of a camper’s personal skill level. Needless to say, all training is comprehensive - the emphasis is on skills development; practice drills; and sports competition.

With campers from all over the world, every summer is another opportunity to improve personal performance and experience a variety of sports and cultures. And whether a camper is a beginner or advanced, everyone is encouraged to do their ultimate best. It’s a concerted effort to perfect sports skills, boost endurance levels, and further build physical strength. Above all, Chikopi campers of all ages are encouraged to have fun.

Camp Chikopi has been family owned and operated for more than 95 years now. We have history and tradition, along with a reputation that is world-renowned. It’s a boy’s sports camp that offers campers a character-building summer that is both exciting and challenging – and almost endless. The “Chikopi Spirit" has always combined personal development with long-lasting friendships.


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