What is a Triathlon and Why Boys Thrive on It

May 17 2016

A triathlon is one of the greatest tests of endurance for an athlete. It takes true dedication, training, and athletic capability to not only compete in one, but to excel at it. For those who are unfamiliar with triathlons, it is a three stage race, of which swimming, cycling and running are involved. Triathlon competitors are timed for their entire race, including the transition times between each different physical discipline.
At Camp Chikopi, we offer an entire summer program dedicated to training boys to prepare them to compete and conquer a triathlon. Each boy that comes to Camp Chikopi not only learns how to become a better athlete, but a better person overall. We train our campers to their best in physical ability, and mental ability too.
When we train the campers during the summer, we focus not only on athleticism, but also on character building. Being able to persevere through the high intensity of a triathlon takes determination and guts.  You have to push yourself to your physical and mental limits, and not give up! Through Chikopi’s training, we teach the campers the best emotional and character building practices on how to conquer their way through not only a triathlon but through physical and mental challenges in their future.
Additionally, through triathlon training, we teach the boys how to appreciate competition but still display sportsmanship to their competitors. Even though triathlons are an individual sport, there is still a need for proper sports etiquette. We teach the boys that healthy competition is the best competition, and how you act during a sports competition is, and will be reflected on their future self in the real world.
Triathlons are tough, the high the boys feel when they complete their race is unique, they are both exhausted and proud at the same time.  We train the boys to believe in themselves, yes the sport is tough but with proper training it is achievable.
  We find that our campers thrive the test of their physical abilities, but also the opportunity to learn and grow from something they enjoy doing most - sports. Everything that our campers learn at Camp Chikopi can be applied to their lives off of camp, back in the real world. Through appreciating competition, to respecting others and pushing yourself to be the best you know you can be, the boys become more mature overall and responsible to themselves and to others.
If you have been thinking of sending your son to a sports camp this summer, perhaps you would like him to take a break from technology, or to go to camp to learn independence and build character, Camp Chikopi is the perfect fit. If you visit our website, www.campchikopi.com, you will find that we not only offer triathlon training, but a variety of different sports for your son to participate in and to excel at. Our camp is located in the spectacular Almaguin Highlands, just outside of Parry Sound, Ontario. Our campgrounds are located on the shores of Ahmic Lake, providing our campers with opportunities to excel both on land and in water sports.
If you would like more information regarding Camp Chikopi registration, visit www.campchikopi.com, or call us either at our summer office, 705-387-3811, or our winter office, 954-566-8235. From the staff and administration, we are looking forward to our 97th summer at Camp Chikopi, and we hope to see your son there too.


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